4/13 Daily Angel Message

To assist in this 5th dimensional frequency, The Archangels and Cherubim, will bring together soul mates. Although there are many reasons for soul mates, these soul mates are meant as friends but assist in life changing events. Every friend serves a purpose, but these soul mates are part of your soul group (or soul family) and are friends that are here to serve by aligning with your soul’s plan. This is also similar to having an “angel team on earth”.  If you are currently experiencing changes in your diet, lifestyle or transitions in your life (life can be full of transitions!), then you may be experiencing high vibrational transition which is normal. In order to attract the highest vibrational outcome, keep your thoughts positive and ask the angels to help you align with Wisdom, your higher purpose (soul’s plan) and your soul group . Even though each person within the soul group  is unique and each serves their own life purpose in God’s plan, aligning with your soul family and soul group can help to bring healthy positive life changes (with a unison of higher intention) and aligns you with a higher frequency creating a higher vibrational outcome. Your soul group can be thought of like a “life purpose support group” .  Have you wanted to create prosperity? Prosperity can be created with integrity. Have you wanted to make healthy lifestyle choices? Then the choice is yours to make indeed, but aligning with those individuals with similar soul plans as guided by the Most High can help to prosper good intentions into fruition . This is not limited to health , but all good things come from wanting to learn about higher purpose. Simply ask to be guided with your soul family (and soul’s purpose) as you may also be a shining light to those with similar backgrounds and life purposes.  Soul Family, like special Godsends are here to support your higher purpose.

*You may be currently surrounded by a part of your soul group or soul family now! If you know someone who is an integral part of  your life now, or a part of your past, who has been a key person in  either “opening doors” or has helped you in major life decisions and transitions (with positive outcome) or key positive changes in lifestyle, has helped you to think or speak positively, then that person (or group of people) is/are probably part of your soul family. These people can be part of you regular biological family, but not always. Some of the soul family or soul group come at pivotal times in you career, or transitional times in your life or friends that support you with your life purpose. Some may have been with you in several lifetimes and also some are not here on earth incarnated, for they are assisting you from above in unique ways.

Namaste and Angel Blessings!



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