4/16 Daily Angel Message

angels in Heaven

The angels always speak of God’s Goodness, for it is from God’s goodness that we are created. His Splendor is Awe-striking and His Kingdom eternal. “Focus on God’s plan for even His plan created the Universe and Universes- which are all part of His Kingdom.”  “Be confident” says the angels,  “for if you knew the power of God you would never doubt . Feel His presence by aligning with the thought “I am one with God’s Holy Nature”  or “I am one with God’s Energy “, for this is more than ‘just a thought’ -it is your truth. You can ask in prayer to help feel the love of God if that is what you feel you are missing , but let His love be guidance for you and in all things give thanks to the One who is most High. For His love could never be severed and his strength is bigger than a human can imagine . Focus on His  True love for that is what many are asking- this is the true love that lasts lifetimes. His Love is Heavenly and he did give Christ His Kingdom to watch over you for help if needed, to console, to uplift and He should also be seen with piety for this bears fruit. He is more than “a judge” but is your Holy brother and loves us all very much” The angels also help the stars in the Universe and only work for God’s glory , they sing His Praise in unison and are always here to help all who ask. You just need to ask for the angel’s help for even this is in accordance with God’s plan. Let your love grow”

Angel Blessings!

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