Daily Angel Blog

God's Hands

Spiritual Favor is God given and is more than a blessing, it’s a grace that helps unlimitedly, for God himself is unlimited. Ask God to help release any negativity in your mind because this is a time for positive thinking and using what is God given for your Holy purpose . Your thoughts are sort of the “director” in your life and staying focused on God’s unlimited nature helps guide our lives with positive influence and helps our hearts to sing . This is also a time for clear focus. Ask St. Michael to help you with clear focus, positive intention, understanding what is your life purpose, and how can I have a spiritual career or  career firmly rooted in my life purpose. By asking this, you are really fulfilling your dreams and what you actually came here to do. Your gifts, abilities, talents and strengths will also assist in your life purpose and you will feel happy working because this is how you chose to serve. It is like being paid for what you like to do. The angels also say that truly all things are God given and in all things give thanks for his Favor.

Angel Blessings!

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