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The angels say “God does see all that you ask. I assure you , if you ask God for favor, then favor is what He will send” God is good! God just asks us to be honest, to love with all of our heart and know that you are loved unconditionally. Try to let go of your past way of thinking, that which is stale in flavor, God doesn’t create pessimism or mal intent . God is honest , trustworthy and will take care of everything . God wants to see you happy and your family’s happiness. Let go of what doesn’t serve you, forgive if needed and say “Father forgive us our trespasses, thank you for all good things”. ” Place God Almighty first and send love to everyone and watch your love grow. Ask for the blessings of Heaven and blessings is what you will receive. they are there for the asking. The angels send you love this Earth Day . Meditate, pray , enjoy this day for this day has prosperity! ” Love , laugh and be joyful…

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” MATT 11:28

Namaste, Angel Blessings and Christ Be With You!


About Yvette Celes

I am a Professional Angel Intuitive , a spiritual writer, and I assist the angels in spiritual healing. I love to share insight from the angels for higher understanding , share spiritual Truth, and to help people recognize their own Heavenly guidance. I am guided to write, share and teach Angel Intuitive classes for others. It is an honor to do so and I feel grateful and blessed to not only do this work, but for all that God has graced me with. For the Glory of God.
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