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St. Michael the Archangel (and the angels )are saying this is a huge time for reform. They are encouraging us to take time to listen to any guidance you are experiencing for is also an answer to prayer. Reform means they are encouraging sobriety as a lifestyle choice. If you noticed you have been craving healthier food choices, healthier lifestyle habits then that means you have been receiving messages of Divine Guidance. Congratulations!

If you have been experiencing symptoms of fatigue, or low energy , a lot of low vibrational lifestyle habits and diets suppress strong emotions (even caffeine) of “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy” and the angels want to reassure you , that YOU ARE good enough and worthy.

A high vibrational diet not only essentially includes love and peace, but also it may require refraining or abstaining from addictive substances such as alcohol, caffeinated beverages (some of whom have built up a high tolerance to!), nicotine or any other habit forming substance such as drugs. This can also mean detoxifying from chemical use (cleaning agents , pesticides, e-cigs, etc) and/or environmental pollution (especially if you live in a city with high pollution or where chem trails (aka- weather modification planes) are often sprayed ) and negative thinking patterns. The angels are encouraging us to make healthier choices to help increase detox, longevity of health and longer life spans. This also helps to increase hearing of insight and angel guidance.

If you have been craving a food that does not provide good energy naturally, this can also be a craving for love. (this also includes craving sweets or low refined sugar or a high carbohydrate diet) . The angels say, “This change is happening globally and although this is certainly a time to celebrate, to try to do this with high vibrational food choices that DO give you energy and to ask in prayer to God for His Unconditional Love and Loving Assistance for this is what you are really craving.” This is more than just a good diet, this is an invitation to better health ,better quality of living, life longevity and I promise, for this, many are receiving Heaven’s help and guidance.

The angels are happy to help you refrain and you can ask St. Raphael and St. Michael the Archangels to help you to crave healthier food and beverages. Even if you are unsure if you want to fully quit, you need only be willing and the angels can powerfully intervene and assist people ( even with kicking the habit from smoking – something I am very well a witness of ). Also, most of these substances are actually a craving for what you desire most, which is love. It has been said not to think of this as losing something, but what you can gain from enjoying healthier choices in not only food consumption, but having a positive mindset. Healthy life choices are also habit forming because you notice you start to feel better , (both about your self and energy wise).

St. Michael the Archangel has a powerful vacuuming tool to help clear your body, your aura, home , office etc. from environmental pollutions, negative thinking, even negativity from others. Plus he can help you cut cords from addictive behaviors, negative thinking patterns and situations and clear your energy if you feel sensitive to other people’s emotions.     St. Raphael the Archangel is the best Angel to call on when helping to quit addictive substances, unhealthy foods and beverages and he also helps you to crave healthier food choices.

You only need to be willing (even a little willing as its OK if you don’t feel ready yet to make that switch- remember, you are not doing this on your own – but with Heaven’s help!), and ask for these Angels (who are happy to help) to please be with you to help with ..( name specifically what you would like help with here).

For more information on “detoxing with the Angels” I strongly recommend Doreen Virtue’s Book called “Angel Detox” which is available on Amazon and Kindle and is a wonderful book I have personally found to be very helpful.

Namaste and Angel Blessings !

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