Channeled Message on Divine Timing with St. Michael and the Angel Team

St. Michael

Dear Friend, it is with great honor that this Divinely Inspired message I bring to you, will bring fruit if practiced. You are all blessed and sing a song in your heart! Right now is a perfect time to take action and you will be perfected in Divine Timing, for this is also a gift from the Divine Mind of God. God gives in surplus! This gift is being practiced daily already but will be perfected with each and every one who asks. First, focus on the present, announce out loud with a sincere heart (into the Universe) “I am now ready to receive” and receive you shall! For it is written, what you ask for in faith will be supplied. Fortitude; action; faith in receiving; each blessing unique in its own right. What is it you are asking? I dare say, what is it you are waiting for? Right Timing is Divinely Guided and all you need to do is pray for assistance with action steps. Repeat after me,

I am now willing to receive my highest good  which serves my life purpose and provides for me and my family in a unique way that is unlimited in nature and brings blessings to everyone I meet”

For that is aligned with God’s plan. Give up suffering dear ones, for that is “ego inspired” and is not what God intended, but is aligned with human weakness. Be bold in asking (for fruit) for it will bring fruit and joy to everyone.

St. Michael the Archangel and the Angel Team of Higher Consciousness

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