Angel Message and Exercise of Love and Peace

Angels inHeaven

The angels encourage replacing judgment with compassion . Some judgment is criticism and the angels say that most judgments are spoken out of anger and bitterness. Some even through sarcastic humor (which is also a sign of bitterness). It is really important for those judge to understand that it is far better to think with compassion because compassion heals. The angels say that this includes self judgment and releasing fears of the ego. All fears are ego based. This is where judgment lies. The Higher self knows that every person is a unique child of God, this thought could never hinder for it is focused on spiritual truth. Every child of God has the Spirit of God and of Christ inside each one of them. And each one of us is also born with an ego. The Highest self always chooses compassion and is how Jesus taught us. To learn to use compassion for that is what God likes. Learn to speak a special blessing before you judge someone or yourself. Or ask for a special Blessing from the Most High for that person. When people judge, they are really expressing where they are on your spiritual path. Maybe forgiveness is in order. The judgment they are carrying is only hurting them dear ones. Release judgment by using compassion and speaking wisely. Use your words to be a good witness for someone. This is how the angels see us and are always our best witnesses. Even when we are angry they see our goodness. ( but are willing to hep heal bitterness and anger if you ask them to- you don’t need to carry either one! By this, I do not mean to be too “passive” for this is not inner peace either. It’s ok to let people know how you are feeling as long as you use “I feel” statements,which is assertive and honest. I am saying that the angels do not judge us for anything, not even for being angry. in fact they love us unconditionally) They always see our perfect selves because God created in His perfectness. His preciseness. Learn to overlook people’s “flaws”, they may be in their ego. Learn to see each person as a child of the Most High. A spiritual brother or sister,  spiritual family or spiritual friend. Rather than reacting to someone’s ego, choose to pray for them instead.

Pray for those who seem to be in their ego, for they may be unknowing of their offenses. No one wakes up and says’ I am going to offend someone today’ in fact everyone wakes up and has an intention to enjoy their day . If you are willing to look at your own judgements , ask your self, in what way am I judging others because in doing so, you are really judging yourself dear one and we mean this with love. For if you didn’t judge you would look at another with compassion and love.

Here is an exercise to help you shift if you are willing. This is done in love and the angels of the Most High will guide you  as the words are read:  Allow yourself to think the words ” I am one always one with my highest self and I align with my highest true nature which is always love” . Ask to be connected with the Angel Team that is guiding this exercise and helping with shielding. Take a moment to breathe deeply and as you read the words, the angels will help you shift, releasing negativity  and shielding you from any outside distraction.

First, in all ways, seek God first ~pray and thank God for this healing as this exercise is guided by His angels, even in the workplace or wherever you are reading this and in all ways give thanks for he is the Most High and worthy of all praise . Remember , the angels are not limited by time and space and be with everyone simultaneously:

Ask a for multitude of angels to surround you and for your angel team that is closest to you. (this exercise will be guided by St. Michael and the angels) , feel the angels surround you now as we assist you with releasing judgement and its effects (in a sense , you are asking the angels to release your fears which is always guided St. Michael the Archangel) , ask the angels to help you release judgement and to fill this area of your mind and heart with the energy and love of the Pure Light of God. Feel this shift and say out loud, “May only love remain”. Then ask to be released from self judgement and any negativity you may have absorbed from yourself or others . Allow St.Michael the Archangel to release any ego fears or thoughts that are fear based, feel Love’s embrace as the energy shifts while St. Michael pulls out any negativity you may have absorbed from your own thoughts and emotions and replaces it with the love of the Most High . in this moment you are receiving the Highest Light possible  – you should feel an uplifting feeling as St. Michael  guides the clearing of old and replaces with with the pure light of God. (which is a brilliant diamond white mixed with a brilliant light of emerald green (for healing)  . This is what feels like an embrace of love and peace . You can feel the energy shift almost immediately . If you want to, you can ask the angels or your highest self , “what am I releasing?”  and the angels will say’ it is your old ego self’ . The angels want to remind that with God, there is nothing higher and this is aligned with His will, the angels will then help you to balance all chakras and help you to uplift . This also helps to release worry and all negativity , aligning you with love from Heaven. St. Michael and the angel realm will also assist in helping you release negativity from self “punishment”  including fear based thoughts such as “I am not good enough”.

Do this practice daily as part of your morning ( or afternoon routine ) especially after prayer to the Most High and ask the Most High to guide you in all your ways- especially the way you see yourself. for in this way , you release self judgement and in doing so , God will help you to increase your own inner peace. 

Guided by the Angel Team

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