Angel Messages with an Angel Blessing of Light

7 chakras

The angels are guiding me to write a message about our clairaudient chakras . Clairaudient chakras are sensitive to sound. The word “chakra” is  a sanskrit word meaning “wheel “~ each chakra is a like a spinning wheel of light, color, love and energy. (Picture a flower with pedals spinning around but “highly vibrating” creating a wheel of color with its pedals). There are seven main chakras (each spinning at a different harmonious rate (all are harmonious), they can be healed with sound, but it is best to cleanse them with light, especially light from Heaven. Each individual chakra is a different vibrant color of the rainbow. The angels are guiding me to add that each chakra is a spinning wheel of “light”, which is seen as energy, and each has different “light, color, sound and  frequencies” by the rate they are spinning~ some spin at a higher rate than the others~ and are located in the aura or “light body” and are subtle energy centers which are created with God’s pure love) but the angels are guiding me to speak of the clairaudient chakras. Clairaudience means “clear hearing” – or the ability to clearly hear spirit. These sensitive chakras are your “inner ears” and are located within your “light body” and can be seen with inner sight or “clear seeing” (clairvoyance). They can also be sensed by “clear feeling”  or clairsentience. These sensitive chakras help with insight by listening to your angels voices. St. Michael and the angels can communicate with everyone and are unlimited in how they can clearly send messages. However these chakras help to clearly hear messages from your angels. The angel’s voices are sweet and also can be to the point if being directed to do something with urgency or if we are being  given a warning. St. Michael’s voice is direct but loving , like a really loving older brother. He is very close to God as are all of the angels.

The clairaudient chakras can become ‘clogged’ or closed with energy if around arguments frequently, but especially anger, scorn or scolding*****(see message below with asterisks)  – they are sensitive to harsh energy and, when open, to loud music. Some musician’s chakras are wide open as they channel healing music melodies through the instruments they play and/or their voices- but are still sensitive to the loud vibration during practice. These chakras can always be cleansed with light and musicians can ask the angels to help them clear their inner ears anytime they wish to ask for angel guidance in their music~especially when writing new music. These clairaudient chakras are violet, but reddish-violet in color and can be clairvoyantly seen on the inside of your temples, closest to the eyebrow area, inside of your head.  The angels say that these chakras can be cleared by asking the clearing angels and clairaudient angels to easily and peacefully remove any fears or negativity that may be hindering these chakras. This will be assisted by the angel team who work with clearing: The Choir of Powers, St. Michael the Archangel, clairaudient angels and also St. Raphael for healing (see guided exercise below). You can personally help by silently asking your inner ear chakras to gently open and I assure you that all negative energy will be gently and easily removed and sent into Heaven’s light (for purification). This helps the energy flow through the entire chakra system and to all organs. Additionally, this helps with clarity and the ability to focus , but can also help to hear your Heavenly messages. This is especially good for channels but is also good for everyone~ for everyone can learn to hear their angels . These chakras are very sensitive and will be sensitive to chemicals such as hair dye (there are some products available with less chemicals, such as hennas or plant based colors and if you color your hair, try to use one with as little chemicals as possible) . The angels say it is important to ask the angel team for assistance in cleansing and balancing all chakras.. They are happy to assist in this process. In all ways, thank God for this blessing of light. 

First ask the angels to surround you with their love. Ask St. Raphael , St. Michael, and the clearing and healing angels to help remove any negativity you may have absorbed from your environment, from your own thoughts or the thoughts of others. Try not to stay focused on any past mistakes but to forgive yourself or anyone else in all directions of time and space, this will also help with healing negativity you may have felt from your past. Ask St. Michael to help with this process until you sense all negativity has been removed. He will then replace it with healing light that is brilliantly white and is seen as the pure light of God. The angels are saying not to see yourself as negative, but be willing to release all blame (including self blame) guilt , shame , or any other emotion that is no longer serving you for this may be felt as St. Michael removes this from you. Then ask the angel team of clearing and clairaudience to guide you in clearing your inner ear chakras. Ask the St. Michael and Archangel Metatron to be with you and send pure sacred light into the top of your head, flowing down your spine, and one at a time , sending the light through each chakra beginning at the base chakra located at the base of your spine (which is bright red in color) and faces down toward the earth . Wait until you feel this chakra  is bright, bright red. You will feel uplifted as each chakra is cleansed . Then ask for the Archangels to send this light through chakra 2 located right beneath your navel. This chakra is bright orange (this chakra faces outward, and so do the next 4 chakras above it) and wait until you feel the light in this area to be bright,bright orange. Then ask to send the light to your 3rd chakra , which is located right beneath your sternum. This chakra is bright yellow and wait for the color to be bright,bright yellow. Then ask the Archangels to guide the light to chakra 4 , located adjacent to your heart, right in the center of your chest. This chakra is green in color and wait for it to feel bright, bright green , then cleanse each chakra the same way . The 5th chakra is located at the indentation at the bottom of your neck and is the color blue. Wait for this chakra to be a bright, bright blue. The 6th chakra is your inner eye or “mind’s eye” and is located between and just above your eyebrows. This chakra is purple or indigo purply-blue. See this chakra grow bright, bright, bright before moving to the crown of your head. This is your 7th chakra which opens toward Heaven and is (white)ultra violet light. Wait for this chakra to bright, bright brilliant. If you feel guided, you can envision this light directly through your clairaudient chakras or you can ask the angels to clear them for you. Ask the angels to help you to ground. It is important to note that if this is your first time with a chakra clearing, that each chakra can take up to 2 to 3 minutes each to clear but as you do this often or if you are accustomed to clearing, that this could take seconds or be immediate. Thank the angels who assisted you in the guided chakra clearing and in all ways give thanks to God for any healing as all glory always goes to God and thank Him for His goodness. 

*****Concerning scolding – This is a huge message to parents with young children or if you were personally scolded often as a child. Children are often misdiagnosed with ADD as they are sensitive to sound and are born with their chakras open. They can hear more than the average child and sometimes their behavior can seem distracted but in truth they are not distracted but are highly sensitive to all sounds. They are given medications that can hinder their abilities and if you have a child who would seem as if they are hyper or have an extraordinary amount of energy, they too may be sensitive to sound (and chemicals) due to these precious inner ears being wide open. They are born this way because their life purpose may involve listening to their angel’s messages for guidance , for support and for shifting/healing God’s kingdom in accordance with God’s will. However, their behavior may be seen as annoying. Please know that Heaven can help with raising these children who seem hyper and to please ask God for guided messages if you are around those who are easily distracted. With these children, you need to be assertive and loving , but not overly aggressive for these children should not learn to be overpowered (I am not saying to let your children have run of the house, but to let them know that you are the parent and to ask for assistance if you personally are having trouble. There are also some great parenting books that involve teaching your children with peace available. Doreen Virtue has some excellent reference books on raising Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children). They are born with human nature and need more patience, but are loving and kind and thoughtful and are natural healers. They are here to help the world “shine their light” by using their inner ears and intelligence and God Given gifts.

The Angel Team

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