How to Hear Your Guardian Angel and Messages of the Holy Spirit

Angels inHeavenThe angel’s messages are always uplifting in nature and increase blessings that bring fruit if followed. If there is something you see or read or hear that noticeably brings peace to your heart ( this could also mean a “knowing” in your heart, or a tingling sensation on your head or arm, or possibly listening to a guided conversation on TV (or in person) or listening to a song on the radio) then you are receiving Heavenly guidance from your own angel team. Your guardian angels know how to get your attention and if we pay attention to physical signs, we can learn to listen to our angels through physical insight. This could also mean an intense feeling when the angels are trying to warn you of upcoming danger. Learning to listen to your angel team is something that is attainable and “knowing” that you are on the right path is not challenging at all. Just listen to your heart and look for peaceful energy or a peaceful feeling. Heaven will always guide you to a peaceful outcome that brings blessings to everyone. I encourage you to follow your guidance for you are receiving insight daily. This is to help increase understanding that prayers can be answered through your heart, a feeling, a thought , an epiphany. Insight can also be seen in angel numbers. This is a physical sign as well, if you are seeing the same number repeatedly. The angel numbers have different meanings and you can look them up on Doreen Virtue’s website. Heaven will repeat a message always if the angels want you to know something.

In prayer to God , pray to God about everything and notice the thoughts or feelings that follow. God answers prayer immediately without delay (even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. God never procrastinates and handles everything with His Divine Mind and Wisdom. In truth sometimes it takes time for a prayer to be seen as answered due to other people being involved in the prayer. This could be due to someone’s moving or maybe they are praying for a job  like yours and they are waiting on your idea to take fruition so that you can become independently employed. This is seen as Divine Timing. In truth, if God wanted to , He could answer any prayer to be immediate but God loves his people and honors the Gift of Free Will (he gave to us) It is also best not to put God to the test and ask for a prayer to be immediate, rather be sincere in your heart when asking Him for things. You can ask him for anything and with a sincere heart He will always help you. Sometimes God-speed if needed. Just ask Him in faith, let Him know the reasons, (he understands and already knows what you are going to ask Him) and ask if it is His Will, may the prayer be answered God-speed.  He really will answer right away, every prayer is significant and He really loves everyone unconditionally. He is bigger than anything you could ever be facing and His Love is Greater than the Universe. In all ways , give Him thanks for all things, (even the ground we walk on) for nothing is in short supply and He has created all things, including His Abundance  which he shares with all of His children, for He is the Most High.


The Angel Team


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