A Guided Meditation for Grieving the Memory of a Soul Mate or Loved One Who has Passed into Heaven

Jesus inHeaven with the Holy SpiritThis is a guided Angel Blessing for any that would like to receive comfort from mourning the loss of a loved one, a deceased parent, a grandmother , a friend who has recently passed, a soul mate husband who has passed, a soul mate wife who has passed, a lifelong friend or family member, a grandchild, a mom, a child who has passed,  a lifelong neighbor, even a twin~ whether this be a twin flame relationship or a twin brother or sister, a grandchild, a sister, a brother, someone you have personally held in your arms and loved with your whole entire heart- they are all assuring you they are with Christ, they are with blessings, and they will help you with prayer. Read this paragraph knowing this is being assisted with the love of Christ Jesus who is risen, who has compassion on those who mourn, as so does Heavenly Father God Almighty Maker of Heaven and Earth and the Universe , Mother Mary , for she is the queen of angels and loves the children of God very much~ she always offers her guided help, love,  protection or prayers anytime you ask, and the love of the angel realm who wish you peace.

The angels can help console you if you are missing a loved one who is still here on Earth, but for marriages or soul mate families, they are urging you to seek professional advice from a marriage counselor ( or you can make an appointment with me for spiritual counseling if needed) OR if you have a loved one that is still living – but are separated due to military, work,  travel, leaving an office etc: you can do this exercise, but you have to imagine you are speaking to their higher self or spirit. In that case, imagine now that angel light surrounds you and the family , or the person/people you are missing, and ask for healing from the moment of origin forward. They are with you in spirit and they will feel your love, even if they are far as you are reading this message , but then you have to “let go and let God” and release the situation back to God, Jesus and the angels and thank them for healing this (this can be done with intention or by asking the angels to help you heal this past “mistake” or argument)  and ask that both sides be surrounded with angel light for healing and also to dissolve any heavy emotion of grief, sadness, despair, or anything unhealthy that may have happened. The angels do not judge you , especially for wanting to heal a situation , they are always happy to help.

A Guided Meditation for Grieving the Memory of a Soul Mate or Loved One Who has Passed into Heaven: 

First, thank God for all things, especially the time you were able to spend with this Loved One and ask to be surrounded with Jesus, Mother Mary,  the Angel Realm , thank Jesus for Guiding you and Mother Mary is by his side. Whisper the words”Thank you for your help”.

Sit in a comfortable relaxed position and just relax, let any tension leave you by breathing. Just take a few deep breaths and inhale deeply for at least two breaths, or three, drop into your heart and imagine your loved one and you playing together when you were young. Especially if this is a mother but with anyone you wish to remember now. Just imagine you are playing together. What were you doing? Imagine now  a scene with the angels surrounding you both. Whispering gently how much they they love to see you play with your mother or loved one and how they are helping you both . Now in your mother’s or loved one’s arms repeat these words:

“I am here…I love you…, I am with you and I want you to stay with me for a moment. Will you spend time with me now? Your loved one says “yes”  and they are now with you and the angels. You can feel their love , smell their perfume, “Sit right next to me beloved” , you say. “Sit with me and let’s remember all the things we used to do” . “Remember the time when we sat down and had coffee? Or when we went shopping ? Or when we spent  a lifetime of happiness?” Did you go to church together? Did you want to? Try not to feel guilt, but allow any emotions you feel to come to surface and allow the smile to grow bigger as you remember walking together, maybe even holding hands , or eating out , or eating pizza and cutting up . Listen to the sounds of your own voice as you say, “I love you  you and I miss you and I want to see you again, but I have to stay here now and I will see you soon. Dear soul mate, dear loved one , will I see you again? Will you come visit me? Will you send me prayers from Heaven while I  sleep tonight? Will you send me peaceful harmony when I wake? Will you tell my family in Heaven I will remember them too? I will love all of you here while I am here.  Just rest with the angels until  you feel guided to come be with me in spirit. You are always welcome here if you want to come visit but do not be alarmed if God wants you to be with Him and help him . I will understand. Pray with me and help me heal your passing dear friend, dear mom, dear soul mate, dear son or daughter. Thank you for visiting me. I will keep the love in my heart and know I will pray for you too.  I love you . I will miss you , but I will think of you often and in your memory I will offer prayers for the sick to receive health of body or that the arms of the angels heal them too. Heal the infirmaries , heal with miracles…..

Just breathe now and try to relax knowing that your loved one, sends their love and they are not far, in fact they are right above you in Heaven’s embrace and they are holding you through the angel realm . They remember you when you were small, they remember you when you were a child, they remember you when you were 16 , they remember you when you were sick and you were helped with angels then. Let the angels help you now , feel their love now as they help you heal the past memories of any mishaps or misbeliefs or anxieties of Heaven. “Heaven is really peaceful” they say. They remembered your promise of love (if married) and ask you to not be afraid. For many angels are willing to help you heal and will offer prayer to the Lord for you to receive benefits from the government (if in the US) and also if you want to receive a wealthy income. or if you want to discover who you are . For you are a Holy child of God and you are loved deeply in this universe and in Heaven and on Earth. The earth needs you dear sweet Child of God. Feel the angels now as your loved ones go back to Heaven’s paradise and the angels now assist you in remembering they were with you the whole time and you need only ask if you want to remember your loved one again. Your loved ones are with you now , even in this state of being, but are different because they are now with the angel realm, where you came from before you came here. Allow the angel to help you uplift and feel better. They will help you heal from this and many past lifetimes where it was hard to say goodbye. You are loved dear blessed child of God. Jesus will help you in your life path and so will Archangel St. Michael and St. Raphael. Dont worry if you scolded them when they were young, you are forgiven. Dont worry if you had a spat ( or two!) they are helping you overcome your fears and anxieties for that is what started those arguments. You will be blessed beyond measure for your good deeds and only focus on that now. Release any guilt from the past now to St. Michael and St. Raphael who are here to help you release and feel better. Release any heavy emotions of guilt or fear and let the past refresh you with its love only . Keep only the love as you go forward. You are blessed and this could be a lesson for both of you. God loves you unconditionally and is here to help you overcome anything you ask for in prayer with a sincere heart. For when two or more are gathered in Jesus name, there he is among you! Dont worry if you didn’t wish them a good afterlife if they made you angry, I assure you, they are in Heaven’s peace and will help you overcome anything you ask for in prayer, they will help you pray.

This meditation was assisted with Archangel Azrael, as he sits with you now to comfort and will remain until you are ready. He says, “Let only Love remain and let the past go. For in this lifetime, many have healed from grief and worry and know that you are not alone. You are with countless Angels and Archangels who love you and will help you through this time”

St. Raphael and the healing angels will help you heal from grief, so will Archangel Azrael, Archangel Haniel will help you sleep at night and so will St. Michael the Archangel who helps lend courage when needed but also is wonderful at healing those who mourn. Archangel Raziel, Archangel Chamuel and the soul mate angels, for many of the reasons that it is hard to let go is because you have incarnated with your soul mate family. It is hard to say good bye , even for a little while with you soul mate family because you have incarnated several lifetimes together and know each other so well, that it is hard to learn to live life after they have passed…also if you need help with finances, ask God in sincerity for His help and He will help you, and so will Jesus. I assure you , you are being guided to read this. If you have a loved one who has passed, many have asked for you to be guided to use this meditation to help you connect again. They wanted to say “I love you and I will see you again”.

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