Positive Outcome

cherub angel

The angels say to hold a positive mindset no matter the situation.

God provides all things and in all things give thanks for every blessing. The angels are joy filled because they serve God in a constant state of giving. In this way, we can learn from the angels by serving God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, the Most High by thanking Him for everything we have. Focus only on positive mindset and be sincere. Ask and you shall receive. 

This means to be sincere in asking God for what it is you are dreaming about, thank God for answering your prayer ( all prayers are answered) There is joy in receiving as much as there is in giving, when you give a gift, it is received with love and gratitude, in the same way, we are to give with love and gratitude like the Heavenly Father gives to us. The angels say to be grateful for everything:Your job, your car, your family, your house, your driveway for parking your car, your food, your shelter, your purpose, your spiritual gifts, your career. In all ways to be grateful for every gift you receive as they are all from the Heavenly Father.  Having a positive mindset plus asking in faith and with a sincere heart, trusting God that all things will come to pass, giving thanks in all ways and believing you will receive …will all assist in receiving Godgiven answered prayers. Trust that your prayers have already been answered. and love everyone around you fully . They deserve your love while you are waiting for dreams. Take action if guided of course, such as educational dreams, or maybe you have thinking about taking an Angel Intuitive Class, or seeking God in faith for a lifelong dream you never thought you could accomplish (until now) . Its not just the Universe that says “full speed ahead ! “… its the Will of Almighty God and Father, maker of Heaven and the Universe that loves his children and will help them with anything with a sincere heart. So what is it you’re dreaming about? What would you like to accomplish? What are your goals? Spiritual values? Focus only on God and you will love the outcome …to love and serve one another and bring blessings to everyone involved.

The Angel Team

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