Kind Words Create Positive Outcome with Archangel Chamuel

Kind Words : 

Archangel Chamuel would like to offer a message on kind words with the Angel Team:

Greetings! This is Archangel Chamuel . I am offering guidance from the Archangels on positive thought. Kind words are spoken sweetly and effortlessly by the angels , this is because we focus on love constantly. The love is what remains and creates fruit of the Fruit of Holy Spirit. Let Love be your guide. Every time you think a positive thought, you help to uplift the energy for others. All kind words create positive outcome.  Think of the words you speak and then see how you feel after speaking them. All words that are kind and loving, open hearts. This is wisdom . If you speak a word or two from insincerity, your heart drops. Wisdom is sincere and kind. This Is how the angel speak, with love unconditionally given to increase peace.  Words have power and when spoken in kindness, they increase love. Use kindness often when speaking and think before you speak in harsh or negative tones. Love is always the answer in spite of what the ego might have you believe. Love is always the outcome you desire. Love is the highest possible outcome, and love and peace go hand in hand, with gratitude and faith. Love creates joy. There Is not one without the other.

“With God all things are possible. Pray with faith knowing that God loves you and wants the best for you. God alone can see easily what the outcome can be for centuries, he knows how things will affect future generations and He knows what is best for his Kingdom He will always love his children, even ones to come. Pray for the highest possible outcome, even for years to come. God will make your heart ulifted when you need His Help, or help you uplift others when others feel down. You can pray for guidance on how to use uplifting words to serve, this can be with public speaking , or being a radio channel, a teacher, or anyone who uses words in their profession. Words can heal (when used with love and wisdom). Words can soften hearts. Words can uplift. The angels are happy to help you uplift your thoughts with beauty from the angel realm. This choir is called the “angels of beauty” and they are happy to help when people feel down or not their best . Think thoughts of gratitude and thank God for everything, including the love surrounding you now. Gratitude can help shift your focus to love.” 

Prayer for positive thoughts:

Dear Heavenly Father, Holy Lord  Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit:

Please assist me in uplifting and positive thoughts . For You can see all things and my heart in sincere in asking. I have been feeling  ( _____________) lately and am asking for your Heavenly help in uplifting and guiding my thoughts to create a better outcome. Help me to focus on my life purpose and begin again in this moment, helping me to choose love . Thank you for uplifting me with your Spirit and for refreshing my soul with your Holy Love. In Jesus Name Amen

Archangel Chamuel with the Angel Team

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