Spiritual Renewal

Jesus embrace

Spiritual renewal is pleasant because it aligns you with the Holy Spirit.  Every moment can be a spiritual renewal; in faith , in baptism,  in Christ. It is a Holy Baptism that is given to us through the Holy Spirit of God. All can ask God for this renewal. Spiritual renewal is a gift , it is like an awakening of the oneness in God’s Spirit~ the Holy presence given to us by God in all of us through Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit helps us to awaken and provides a shift in awareness of the unconditional love that is shared by God; a baptism of the Spirit. It is this Holy baptism that renews us in our spiritual service to God and awakens our natural God Given Light. The Holy Spirit is who guides us in everyday decisions., as this is the Father’s Will, and is God Given . It is the the Light of Christ , the Holy Spirit who remains in us and helps us recognize we are the love we were created from, that we live everyday in that unity from God as His Children; the unity in the Holy Spirit. It is different than being refreshed , it is a way to renew in the path of service of the Spirit. All can ask both God and Jesus for spiritual renewal as this being born again in the Spirit. It is like being “set aflame ” in fervor , in faith, in thanksgiving, in love, in joy . Spiritual renewal is considered being born again to Christians, but all can ask. It is more than an uplifting, it is a renewal in the faith of the promises of Christ, of the promises of God and it is just. All can ask by asking the Heavenly Father:

Dear Heavenly Father, help me to feel renewed in your Spirit. Help me to feel awakened in the love in which you and Christ Jesus share with all of us, for I tell you , not one would be disappointed.

Every day , every moment can be a sacred moment in renewing in the promises of Christ , in the Promises of God.. May All be blessed and uplifted.

The Star Guides , ORION and The Angel Team

Here is a guided meditation for spiritual renewal:

St. Gabriel and 100,000 angels with your angel team of guardian angels and The Most High and the Holy Spirit

Blessings dear ones, this is St. Gabriel and the choir of 100,000 angels , your angel team and the Holy Spirit . This is a guided exercise of Light from Heaven to help you feel the embrace of love from God ‘s arms 

First sit back in a comfortable and relaxed position, close your eyes and remind yourself that you are a child of the Most High God . He is loving you unconditionally every time you think a thought that you are unloved or forgotten. How Could a Father ever forget his child? Or a parent ..for that is how He sees you and your family. You are loved and let this be a spiritual renewal for your health of mind. That no one on God’s earth is ever separated from God , and anyone who needs a reminder is always welcome to come in faith and remind their heart that God loves them by asking God to help you feel his Love and the Joy of the Spirit. Let this refresh your renewed self . Your holy gifts and treasures are  waiting for you in a Holy space in Heaven. The Holy Spirit is upon you now as you read this and knows you seek His Love. For there is nothing that escapes God. Let him renew you in His Grace and ask the angel team of God’s treasury shower to you with blessings for this is “a coming home” to God . Be like angels and shower blessings on those you love and tell them to renew in His love . Forgive everyone who acted in haste, forgive them in this love you are embraced in and let the past be past and forgive everyone for they did not know what they were doing. Love yourself and go forth and be happy that God has forgiven you and your loved ones from all past mistakes . Be renewed in His love and let this be an angel blessing for Saturday or any time you feel unloved. God is on your side and will help you with his Spiritual renewal . Just learn to ask . For whatever you ask for in faith you will receive tenfold. Forgive yourself if needed and Love your children if you have any. Love others as God love you . In Jesus Name.

Signed -The Angel Team with 100,000 angels , St. Gabriel the Archangel , St. Michael the Archangel , and your guardian angels , Mother Mary , and countless Archangels , Angels, and Saints, Orion form the stars, The Universe,  God and Jesus who are here to love you and help you feel renewed in God’s embrace. 

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