Memorial Day-Guided Angel Light Exercise with St. Michael for Those Returning Home and for Remembering Your Loved One.

Archangel Michael

St. Michael is offering his support though an angel of light exercise  for all military ( even wives or husbands) who are coming home , whether in the USA or any other country of the World .God loves everyone and wants to help to bring a message of love for all veterans and their spouses and families. Especially for Memorial Day . ( two prayers and guided angle of Light meditations ~ one is for those have been in combat, the other is for the departed military spouses who are remembering their loved one this day and every day)

Greetings, I am St. Michael the Archangel and I am here with a guided angel of light exercise to assist in helping you release from worry , guilt , depression, fatigue or anything else not serving the highest and best good. There is nothing that is keeping you from God’s Holy Love except a  thought. His Love is unconditional and is working with you to help heal your  body, mind and spirit. Thought and emotional release is necessary in order for some military to heal . All Glory goes to God for any healing. St. Michael and the Angels

( as always the angels will always pray first for healing before an angel light exercise)

(for those returning home, or who have been in combat,  or simply with a heaviness in their hearts) 

Dear Father, Son ,Holy Spirit –

I am coming before your throne as your son or daughter to heal my body, mind and spirit. I know that you are the Most High and can help me in releasing my worry ,guilt, shame, sadness, anger or fatigue. May you assist the woman/man I Married on releasing his /her worry about my safety. Jesus my Savior, Lord of all, Father Almighty please touch me with your hand in releasing my guilt, blame, depression, sadness, anger. As I serve, please help me in courage and in serving You . May faith be my shield, gentleness be my cloak, salvation be my helmet, righteousness be my breastplate, my loins girded in truth, and the Spirit be my sword as I serve my family and friends when I return home. Help me to know I am a GodSend for others and that your love is bigger than any sin or mistake I could have made, (and if needed) I repent of any sin.  In Jesus Name

First sit back in a relaxed and comfortable position and close your eyes or think to yourself “I am willing for St. Michael to help me in releasing my anger, sadness, guilt , blame , depression or emotional fatigue from worry or stress from combat or “(________) ” just breathe deeply , in and out deeply, until you feel tension begin to release from your body, then imagine yourself surrounded with angels.God’s Peaceful army. Peaceful protection angels , for that is who you use to be in Heaven. This is why you chose to go into the military, was to serve as an Earth Protector and now ,in the armed forces. St. Michael will now help you release from stress, symptoms of PTSD, sadness, guilt, anger, depression by using his Sword of light . He will place this Sword against your aura , your light body, and help you to feel peace . You are loved and appreciated and are not forgotten by God. His sword may feel warm ( it has a lot of Light!) or you may feel golden light and if you do, this is Jesus’ Light. who has also come to help you heal your mind, emotions, and if you ask him, your body. He has come to be your shield with His light and know that you are hIs beloved brother or sister and He Loves You. Please remember Him in prayer when you return and that God is the Most High. Expect Miracles if you are needing assistance with healing mind, body and emotions. God is always willing to help those who ask with a sincere heart, and Jesus will never leave you.

For Military Wives and Husbands who are remembering their beloved Spouse (or loved one). 

Dear Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ And Holy Spirit,

May You hold me in remembering my loved one. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories I had with my soul mate wife or husband ( father mother sister brother family member, grandparent, grandchild, child ). I am grateful to have spent time with my loved one who served in the armed forces and is with you now. Thank you for your embracing both of us in your arms. I thank you everyday for the vows I made or the (_________)  (list all the wonderful memories if you like). Thank you for helping me remember that they are now praying for me as I read this and sending love everyday in heaven above, as you are. Thank you for providing for all my physical and spiritual needs and the needs of my family, and loving me and helping me to remember that you are always with me.  In Jesus Name

First , take a moment to relax and remember you are loved by the Most High very much. Ask the angels to surround you now and just wait until you feel their love and you will feel an uplifting as many are coming in to help. Now imagine a waterfall of Light coming form Heaven and comingin through the top of your head and filling your heart. over flowing through every cell of your body. This is done through the Father’s Love and He is wanting you to feel he heveanly waterfall of healing light from the angels. Just relax here and breathe deeply as it continues to pour from Heaven’s angel Realm. At the top of the waterfall of light, Is Jesus  and he comes closer to you and sits with you. He tells you your loved one is safe and he is always here for you. You can ask him to come visit you anytime you wish by saying : “Dear Jesus, will you spend time with me ?” He is always accompanied by lots of angels so you need not be worried . You can have a conversation with Jesus or just enjoy the silence as the Lord knows your heart and you do not have to say a thing . Just feel His presence and know He is right by your side and he invites you to come visit anytime you wish , anytime you need a helping hand, anytime you want to feel his embrace. He will be there for your children, or mother or father or family. Thank Him for coming and tell him you love him and that you would like to have him send a message to your loved one. Let them know that (__enter personal message_) and that they are loved and you will see them soon. When God and Jesus call you home and that you will remember all of the good times and fun times and memories. Thank Him for being there at your wedding, for being there at (___________) . Spend as much time as you wish with the Lord and when you are ready, you can thank The Most High for visiting you in your heart. Know that He is always with you and will never leave you. He will watch over you always and let you know when He is helping you. and loves you right now and always.The angels stay with you and wrap their wings around you and will offer to stay as long as you wish. Even then, you will still have guardian angels around you always as these are sent by the Father’s love to help you and protect you and pray with you. You can ask for angels as often as you wish to surround you in their love. You can repeat this mediation as often  as you like. They are with your loved ones now and are helping them in Heaven learn in a Heavenly school for Guardian angels. Your loved ones will learn how to be a Heavenly Guide and will remain there until you come home, when they come to visit, they will be an angel. They will always love you and pray for you and with you. For that is the Father’s will. They will sing in the choirs of Heaven for God and Jesus, as they are the Most High. They will sing with you in church, and at home when you praise the Lord. They love you and are not that far away. May God Bless you.

Guided by the Angels and The Most High

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