Angel Guidance for Connecting with the Angels

angels in Heaven

Insight from the Higher Realms of Truth , Heaven, is not unattainable. it is easy with intention. You are a Child of God. He is happy to share Higher Understand and Wisdom for that is what He likes for His children to use. You are not asking for too much when you ask for Higher Understanding and Wisdom. In Fact, the angels are willing to help you in this area. 

Shift your awareness into your heart center. now, allow yourself to think the words ” I am one with HIgher Understanding” notice the feeling as you connect with insight from Heaven. You are now connected with Heaven’s insight. 

Now think ” I Am one with the angel realm” and notice the feeling. You’re now connected with the angel realm. 

Shift your awareness into your heart center once again and think ” I am a child of the Most High” . You just connected yourself to inner knowing.

In this light , allow you consciousness to expand to Heaven. Think to yourself, will my angel team surround me here ? They will ! They are ! and they are happy to, for they are happy you came and delighted you are shifting your awareness to your higher self. Your Heavenly self. your Christ Self. In this light , you can ask anything you are needing help with , and let the answer come to you. It may even come to you in a vision in your mind’s eye or a feeling inside your heart. Trust your inner guidance that connects you to the Father In Heaven. He will send His angels to deliver his messages if you do not hear Him. If He wants you to know something, He will tell you.  You may start to hear the angels voices , which are soft , and some bold, but for the sake of knowing and His Grace, we will speak softly and sweetly so we do not startle you , for that would have no advantage to you or us. We angels love you unconditionally and so does the Heavenly Father . He is the Goodness you seek every time you seek Higher Wisdom, Higher Understanding and Love. Seek Him now. Try this again, on your own, in a quiet place undisturbed. He will always let you know He loves you and will always be there for you and your family. In The Name of Jesus 

St. Michael and The Angels

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