On the Gospels with the Angels

Archangel Chamuel 2

A Message of Wisdom

Opening your heart to the gospels of Jesus provides a loving message every time. When first opened, the words may seem casual , but they are God’s words imprinted for hope, salvation, grace, faith, love, and inner knowing that God Almighty spoke through Jesus as His Loving Divine Son Of God. He has the words of eternal salvation. and when these words were spoken out loud in the universe and in  Heaven, they were given with God’s authority and are written in the Heavenly Akashic Records (or the Book of Life) as a blessing for all. Jesus helps us everyday in Word as the gospels are the living testament to Jesus Christ has risen. These Words were gospel because they had the Living Word in them. The Living Word is Truth. It is Wisdom perfectly spoken through Jesus Christ who is expanding knowledge of the way God wants His Love to be shared by all. In Truth, we are all one in the Unity if The Holy Spirit, who is glorified. In this Spirit of God Almighty, we are also one in faith , one In Christ, one in Hope one in salvation. One in eternal life for that is what Jesus wanted, was to empower us through the Spirit of One. God does not want his message altered, because it was the way He spoke through Jesus. In Knowing the Gospels, know that Jesus loves each of us and we are seen for our love, our faith, our fortitude, our courage, our passion in The Lord, our compassion for others our joy in our family, our joy in his words. For they were given to us through God, knowing  that future generations  would live spiritually through them, if read knowing that they still stand with God’s Favor when read, and spoken with sincerity and faith. God’s Holy Spirit will always feel uplifting in your heart. That is inner knowing, which comes from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent through Jesus and God the Father, who are one in Heaven. Receive a message of faith when you read Jesus’s words , when He spoke of His Heavenly Father and how God wants us to live . Equally in Love and God’s Armor, placing God first above all things, and loving each other as Jesus loves us.

The Angel Team

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