Spiritual Gifts for a Career Firmly Rooted in Life Purpose

AA4 Raphael and Mother Mary

Spiritual Gifts are unlimited. Treasure in Heaven and Spiritual Gifts are irrevocable, given by God without measure to whom God Favors and to those who ask.  This is for His Holy Children to enjoy and share in serving.  We are all born with some of the same gifts and some individual and unique for a Holy Purpose.  Some gifts that are the same can include Wisdom, Piety, Higher Understanding (also known as the gift of insight), Discernment, Fervor,  evangelism,  encouragement, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpretation of tongues. These gifts are important for all generations to produce fruit, which is love, joy, patience, kindness, peace, fortitude, self control, gentleness, generosity.

There are other gifts, which can include teaching, administration, public speaking, and spiritual counsel. The angels assure that there are many! The Spirit is unlimited in the Gifts He shares.  It is the spirit of service that helps us to share the gifts that God has given and it is needed for today’s careers whether you have an interest in being a healer, a doctor, a nurse, a politician, an office manager, a counselor, even a day care worker, or caring for the elderly. Today’s career’s are using more of God’s gifts within each field .  This is a “career firmly rooted in life purpose”, which is what many are asking for.  It is old fashioned to think “I have to make money.” In this new energy, we are aligned with a Holy purpose, we are here to serve and using our gifts in our careers can help us to shift our awareness from “making money” to “how can I serve” which in turn creates abundance automatically because what you sow you reap tenfold. This creates spiritual wealth because you are doing what you love which creates abundance and blessings for everyone involved.

The archangels will be helping you in creating your life purpose with Holy Gifts. If you are a writer, St. Gabriel will help all spiritual authors, writers, inspirational writing. If you are a healer , then St. Raphael will be working with you in a spiritually based healing practice, or if you are a doctor or a nurse, even if you heal with your voice as in a public speaker or radio show host, channel. There are many gifts but One Spirit . St. Michael will help you in finding your life purpose, recognizing your true spiritual gifts and abilities and helping you to uplift others through them. All you need to do is ask. you need only be willing with the angels and many angels will come in and help you understand what God wants and how to follow your guidance through the angels. We angels know how to deliver God’s messages. For health of body, please know that Archangel Raphael is always willing to help you  and your family . You need only ask.

The guardian angels are also helping in bringing through positive shifts of energy form Heaven. This is God’s will for everyone, that the healing energy of Heaven be recognized within each and every person. you have healing gifts already inside you. However, if you choose to use these gifts for a career , then more healing energy is sent through the person who is administering the healing.

A true spiritual gift is always aligned with your interests. If you enjoy music, then you have spiritual gifts in music and may want to take music lessons if needed. If you like to play a musical instrument or have always wanted to play, then follow your Heavenly guidance to play an musical instrument , you may be using this for healing or uplifting others through music. If you play sports , athletes are also using their abilities, which are God Given to play sports~even athletes should give thanks to God for their abilities, maybe you will use your abilities and teaching gifts to coach others. Gifts and abilities are from the Holy spirit and are helping others in what they want to do in their careers. Instruction is sometimes needed, especially if there is a license needed or if certification is necessary to get started . It is best to take action if you are being guided to take a class or learn a new trade, for in doing so, you will feel happier and bring blessings to everyone.

“Dear Heavenly Father Son, Holy Spirit, please help me to understand what my spiritual gifts are and what action steps you wish for me to make in your plan. I am here to serve using my natural Spiritual Gifts to serve a Holy Purpose. Thank you for your Holy Presence in my life and within my family tree. In Jesus Name. Amen

The Angel Team with the Guardian Angels , Archangels, The Stars and the Heavenly Host

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