How to Recognize and Increase Abundance with the Angels

cherub angel with holy spirit

Angel Love Blessing for Abundance

“I have come so that they may have life and have it more abundantly”JOHN 10:10

Abundance is for everyone. Abundance is life in the spirit, is God Given and is currently surrounding you now. God has created everything with his abundance and is not something that is withheld.  Jesus asks us to be fruitful. 

It is in giving that we receive, let us be thankful for the love God shares and the love He shares with His Children. 

Allow the angels to help you uplift, and remove any fears or thoughts that made you feel separate or without, for nothing is withheld. Be willing to release any thought of unworthiness or if you have you guilt associated with the way money was used in the past, for money is a physical manifestation of spirit also. It is an energy of trade needed on the Earth plane for physical needs. Abundance is not limited to money, for abundance comes in many forms, peace, love, even insight and can easily physically manifest from love to “physical form” on Earth.

To think of God’s abundance, think of how great are His Heavens, think of all of the small grains of sands on a beach, or all of the stars in the universe. They are unmeasured. God gives without measure and in unlimited ways. for abundance is not created on the physical plane, it is created by God in the spiritual. Ask God to help you to stay focused on Him, on His Abundance, on His Spirit, on His Understanding. Ask with a sincere heart for what you need and it will be given.

St. Michael is here to cut any cords from this or any other  previous lifetimes when there was poverty, guilt or shame or what was perceived as lack that made you feel separate from God’s abundance, for this was an illusion. For even then you were fashioned with God’s love and were a perfect Holy Child of God, and had bountiful spiritual gifts, all that are irrevocable and you can ask for each of those gifts to be brought into this lifetime from any other. The gifts of God are eternal. Anything of fear hinders you from spiritual harmony. It is old fashioned to think ” I don’t have ” which creates more of what you don’t have through the law of attraction . Give thanks for the  abundance in your life and notice the abundance you already have. When you give tangible items, give cheerfully and with a sincere heart ~ even if it is some old lightly used clothing in your closet or charity or even maybe time, as in service work.

Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” LUKE 6:38

Ask and it will be given , a good measure and understand that this is the way God intended. This was spoken through Jesus and it was meant for love. Give love unmeasured. Love unconditionally for what you give you receive. This is how the Bible should be interpreted. It is good to give with a cheerful heart, for God does love a cheerful heart, especially when giving to others. When you give, give kindness, give love, give peace. For when you create peace, more peace will be sown and that is how Heaven gives. With Love and joy to everyone. 

Stay focused on the Most High, His Understanding and His Grace, for He gives to those in need, those who ask and even those who do not.  There is plenty for everyone and with good measure! The angels say, there is plenty to go around. 

The angels of God’s abundance have said that gratitude increases abundance, and being grateful is a form of love,  when you give, give with love and when you receive , receive with love~ for it is in giving that we receive. Be grateful for all gifts, even the smallest items deserve appreciation for they were given through thoughtfulness and generosity. The more we give the more we receive, and the more we receive , the more we have to give.

Additionally, if in the U.S. ~ if you have poor or fair credit and want to help your credit, the angels have said that God can help you with your credit, God is not concerned about credit scores, for he sees you all with Unconditional Love, but if this is something you desire, ask God with a sincere heart and God will help you fix your credit and create the life you desire. 

So How Can You Increase Abundance? 

1~ Show Gratitude for all things ~ feel grateful in your heart with every blessing, every spiritual gift, every ability, your family, friends.

2~ Ask in prayer for what you need with a sincere heart. Even if it is a God size prayer or your business, or start up costs , or an adventure, or for your home.

3~Listen to the guidance you receive when you ask in prayer for action steps. God can lead you to higher ground, this is God’ Will , Surrendering to God’s Will is always the highest possible outcome you can achieve, and with God’s help, you can make it there. Follow your action steps without hesitation.

4~Give with Love

5~ Receive with Love

6~ Allow the angels to help you remove any feelings of  unworthiness, feelings of fear surrounding money, money worries, fear of insight or using your insight to help you better the world. They will replace these feelings or thoughts with peaceful uplifting angel light.

7~Stay focused on the Holy Spirit, whom is sent as a Grace to each one of us and is in our hearts.

8~ Stay in peace. God rewards the peaceful always.

9~ Remember God when he increases you. Lean on Him always

10~Love the Bible- God’s words are there so we can live in His Spirit with gratitude, love, joy and rejoicing.

11~ Feel abundant- notice the abundance around you already. You are currently abundantly blessed. Thank God for every Blessing.

12~Love unconditionally

The Angel Team

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