Spiritual Communion

God's embrace

Communion with the Holy Spirit, with the Most High , was established through Jesus Christ as spiritual communion with God. The Most Holy is always One in spiritual communion  with each other and Jesus came to show us that we too are one in unity through the Love of God which is the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that is in unity with God’s people and is a grace unto all of us.  Peaceful unity is spiritual communion. Love is spiritual communion, Grace is given to us without measure through God who loves His children. God is happy to help us understand that he loves us individually and as a community of God’s people.

We are always one with God and Jesus through the Unity of the Holy Spirit. It is an err to think any of us are at any time separate. When we receive Him in communion in church, we receive the Holy Spirit every time. The Spirit of the Lord, who is omnipresent, touches each one of us in faith, in Christ. Ask God to send His Spirit to you every time you feel sad, lonely, separate or if you feel you have become distant, for I tell you, not one child of God is ever forgotten.

You can even be in your own home, and ask God for spiritual bread and water, which is God’s Holy Love and Word, and feels like an overflowing spiritual shower of Grace in your heart, like as if your heart is fed and nourished, filled with Love from God.

Communion also comes with an awareness that we are God’s people, in communion with God and this we celebrate in Heaven, for when the people of God realize that we are all one in union of the Holy Spirit, there is a celebration in Heaven that is always celebrated when one of God’s children recognizes that he/she is not forgotten, that they are loved and God is always with them. This is why scripture is so important, because it is in scripture that His covenant was established through the Grace of God and the Love of Christ Jesus. 

Ask God to shower you with His Love , for God is omnipresent and  is always loving you, eve now. For it is through His love that Christ Jesus was sent here to love and teach about God through the Holy Spirit and walked as one with God, as was God’s will that we know that He is always here for us , no matter the circumstance, forgive everyone in your family if needed. Forgive everyone who  has ever erred in your life, forgive them as the father forgives them , and you will also be forgiven. Love others as Christ loves you and as the Heavenly Father Loves you, for that is True Spiritual Communion with God Almighty. Love is what we came her for , to love in a physical way , and to share the Love of Heaven on earth , as Heaven does, but with a physical body . That is your life purpose, is to love with all of your heart , as Christ spoke these words~”Love one another as I have loved you.” 

If you ever need to feel a spiritual “homecoming” to God , then ask the angels, ask God, ask Jesus, for all in Heaven are willing to help you feel the closeness to God that you should feel and to help you focus on the One True covenant that will always be eternal, One with God, through His Holy Spirit, established through the Son, Jesus Christ. 

The Angel Team

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