Listening to Heavenly Guidance~ Helping to Make Decisions that are Loved Based ~from Love, Wisdom and Peace

angels in Heaven

When making a decision, listen to your inner voice. Is there a tingly sensation guiding you? Do you have peace in your heart ? These are guidance signs of Clairsentience (clear feeling) and  Claircognizance (inner knowing ), both are from insight that the angels can use to help you make decisions. For some, maybe you have received a knowing from a dream, or a vision , which is like a movie playing in your mind’s eye (which is Clairvoyance- clear seeing), or perhaps your have audibly heard a loving voice (which is Clairaudience- clear hearing) . These are signs from Heaven that this is the right action step to take. Realize that every decision you make, whether of love or wisdom, can help you create the life you desire, living in the spirit and focusing on God’s Holy Will for your life. Taking action steps can be the guidance to your answered prayers. Once prayed, listen for intuitive signs. Which can be a feather ( a physical sign the angels are with you), even a butterfly that flies next to you or past your window can be a physical sign that the angels are with you.

Be open to listening to your angels and they will work with you, they want you to hear them and know how to help you see their guidance.

Think of something that you have been praying about. Thank God for this prayer already answered (it has been !), thank Him all day if you like. For He has  answered prayers without hesitation and knows you very well. God encourages us to look inside our hearts for peace. He has placed it there through His Holy Spirit and has answered your prayer. Listen for any intuitive guidance you receive, a picture in  your mind’s eye, a feeling , an idea, a flash of an orb of light next to you, a song that has lyrics that just somehow are tailor made for you, a conversation that is tailor made for you that is being spoken around you. 

Asking for guidance is easy and God will repeat the guidance over and over. When Heaven wants you to know something, Heaven will always repeat it.

When creating , your intention is really important. For instance, are you running away from something or are you seeking the highest possible outcome? Are you seeking to serve? The first intention listed above is from fear and the second two are from love. Prayer is really important in these factors because God already knows the outcome and always has the highest outcome possible~ in all matters. He knows the highest possible outcome for not only the next couple of months or years, or this entire lifetime , but in all others and within eternity. Include God in all prayers for the highest possible outcome.  The angels will help you in guiding you to the outcome you desire and also every step of the way.

When you bring peace to others and create peace and harmony , you are re-creating Heaven on Earth. The Angels are always happy to help with peace on Earth which brings a higher vibration to you and blessings to all others. Just by intending peace, your thoughts can help the world with a higher vibration of love and peace.

By focusing on what you want with loving intentions, the universe can help you create that. Thinking positively is helpful because God made the universe loving and also the universe honors the Gift of Free Will. If your thoughts are positive through your own free will, the universe will honor the free will of love and help you to create love into “form”. If you think thoughts of fear, the universe is still loving, but honors free will choices, so the universe will help you create more of what you think about. This is why it is important, in this new 5th dimensional energy to focus on the Highest possible outcome, and give any worries to God , the Angels , or Jesus. Jesus is The Prince of Peace, and has said “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls 30“For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” MATT 11:29-30

Prayer helps us in communion and conversation with the Most High. God wants us to Love and to Live abundantly in Love and Peace here on Earth, while serving and enjoying our spiritual gifts and fruit and placing Him First in all ways.

Here is an Angel Love Blessing with St. Michael for cutting cords and releasing from worry, anxiety or fear based thoughts .

St. Michael the Archangel, will  you please be with me now? If needed, will you please sever any cords of discord or fear, remove its roots and heal it at the roots. Please help me to release from any effects from any fear based thoughts or emotions of err, anxiety, worry or any other thought/emotion that is fear based, whether through my own thoughts or anything I may have absorbed from others. Please clear any and all negativity and help me uplift to my highest possible natural state and highest vibration of  joy, love and peace. Thank you St. Michael for this assistance. And so it is.

The Angel Team

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