I Am One With My Highest Self

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To say that I am one with my highest self is to live the sword of the spirit. The spirit self , which is in unity with the Holy Spirit, who is glorified, is always one with The Most High, God and Jesus. Even other belief systems and the religious are one with God and Jesus in their spirit, the religion or belief system matters not, but whoever is upright before God. It is good to accept the love of Jesus in your heart, even if you do not believe in him, in Truth, He is the Most High, glorified by the Heavenly father , through the Holy Spirit of God . Jesus is more than a spiritual master or an ascended master, he is more than a prophet , he is the Divine Glorified Son of The Most High, who has full authority given to him by God for all of God’s kingdom, who has asked for each of us to have full authority over illness, rebuking the enemy, delivering the good news, which is that God is sovereign and Christ is with Him, and that we share in this as heirs to the kingdom for the Glory of God through the Love of the Holy Spirit.

All people are unified through His Spirit and it is in our spirit selves, the highest self, that we are called to be one. One in faith, one in love, one in the kingdom of God. St. Michael is always willing to assist those who ask to live in the sword of the spirit. This means, to be centered in our highest self , live in the awareness that we are already in Unity with the Holy Spirit, one in Spirit, one with our Highest Self, and it is Jesus who teaches us to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, which is unlimited in Unconditional Love, Peace, Compassion and Wisdom, placing God first in all we do and loving each other as He loves us.

Greetings, this is St. Michael the Archangel, I am here to deliver a message of truth about the sword of the spirit. the spirit self has courage, it has love, it has peace , it has joy because it is always one with the most high. The spirit self is in unity with the Glorified Spirit of God, creating a communion with God which is a Grace from the Most high for all of his children, creating a sacred space in your heart for the Spirit of God. This is why the body is called a temple of the Most High , because His Spirit lives in each and every one of you. The sword of the spirit means to live by the spirit, creating a weapon of light and love and this is part of God’s armor and Grace against the enemy, which is fear.

Using the sword of the spirit means to be in alignment with the highest self, which is what God created us to be, with honesty, sincerity, love , peace, wisdom, joy, understanding, compassion, heartfelt is even the sword of the spirit, being generous, gentle, kind, and good hearted. Use these and your spiritual values as your sword. To be aligned with the highest self is to be one with what God intended, which was to be created his likeness and image, In his infinite goodness. 

Be true to your spirit self , for when asked if this is your true nature, a resounding yes should be heard. The spirit is your true nature. Use kindness in your words, use honesty, use courage, speak with faith, speak with love, Even if it is about your own ventures, know that God is always with you and knows your heart and what you like and what you ask for. Know that he is the One that helped you get there. Every step of the way. Be yourself, but speak with complete love and faith, that will bring favor upon your heart from God, increasing the Love He loves for people to share, even in their words. For even though you have incarnated as human, you are still one with him in spirit. Remember who you are and know that you are a powerful child of the Most High. Jesus will help you live the sword of the spirit if you ask, St. Michael will help you live the sword of the spirit if you ask. St. Gabriel, the Archangels, the guardian angels, in fact the entire guardian angel realm is willing to help you if you need it. Be willing and love with all of your heart. In Jesus name

St. Michael the Archangel,  100,000 angels, the Guardian Angels, and St. Gabriel the Archangel, Archangel Chamuel and the Archangels

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