Peaceful Outcomes 

When a situation arises that requires you to be peaceful, an argument,  when facing someone in their ego, speak prayer over the situation immediately before continuing the argument. Anger is a natural emotion , especially when our spiritual values has become compromised. Offenses are forgivable and grudges are not something you want to hold onto. Learn forgiveness now, even if you have only practiced this recently. Forgive all others as you would want to be forgiven, for in Truth The Heavenly Father sees all and understand the reason you feel the way you do, and also the other person (or persons). Family can sometimes be challenging because you love each other and have known each other in this lifetime and possibly many others, you have come together as soul mates for spiritual growth and harmony as family, or in some cases to heal karmic behavior patterns, this can be also be balanced and cleansed in all directions of time and space. All have soul lessons and if you feel this is the case, you can ask the angels to help you to cleanse and balance all karma between you and this person. Healing this is a blessing, is helped by a multitude of angels and can uplift the situation, ensuring spiritual harmony as a result. Forgiveness is always the best idea for healing. Forgiveness comes from The Holy Spirit , which is above all laws in the universe, including karma patterns.  Peace is always the answer. Love is always the answer.Family resolve is easy, friendship resolve can be easy also. Spiritual family in Heaven understands the reasons there are quarrels. Love one another and your Heavenly Father will show mercy to the furthest generation. He loves you and your loved ones unconditionally. Peace is always available to you, just breathe and envision a peaceful resolve when argument arises,  you will help the situation to shift by focusing on a higher outcome. Ask the angels to help you and your loved one by surrounding you both and all parties involved~even in anger, for this is human nature. Christ Jesus and a multitude of angels are always watching over you and you can simply ask for His assistance, ask for a multitude of angels, focus on a peaceful outcome and a peaceful outcome will ensure. Being patient with yourself when angry or with others is helpful and also is a gift from the Holy Spirit. A spiritual gift is one that is God-given, irrevocable, through the Holy Spirit, and is in everyone. Gentleness can help ease the anger, a peaceful voice or simply powerfully praying for a peaceful outcome. Try not to find fault, but pray for the other one before you blame. Explain your feelings when you are calm and try to remember that the outcome is being helped with Heaven.  Uplift with the knowing that God, Jesus and the angels are helping you~ and that God and Jesus both love you unconditionally. Cleanse from any words spoken in anger by asking the peaceful cleansing angels (the Choir of Powers) and St. Michael the Archangel (who work in tandem with each other on clearing, to help you  to cleanse , balance, uplift and shield from any further psychic attack.

Psychic attack is felt by those that are sensitive to emotions and is felt when you or the other person send harsh or angry thoughts by thinking them or speaking them toward yourself or your loved one. This is done unknowingly by most people, but for sensitive lightworkers, peaceful earth angels and empaths, and those that are sensitive to energy and emotion , the sharp emotion can feel like a shooting or stabbing pain.  It feels like a emotional attack on your heart. The angels are happy to help you calm, center, and clear any psychic attack energy that was felt.  I always ask Jesus to help me forgive when it seems difficult to do so.

Forgive them , for they know not what they do. Even in anger, the ego cannot listen to reason or wisdom. Peaceful resolve will happen when focused upon and you will always have Heavenly Support.  God can speak to your loved one’s heart in a way you cannot. Trust Him , Trust Jesus and the angels for help in releasing grudges, and also in resolving conflict. 

Dear Heavenly Father, Son, Holy Spirit,

Please help me and my loved one(s) with a peaceful resolve to this situation. Help me to see with understanding and compassion and for my loved one to do the same. Thank you for Heavenly Support and for speaking to their heart and to mine. Please use it for your glory with turn-it-around-faith and for helping us both to forgive each other. I place everything in your Hands. Please forgive me my own trespasses as I forgive my loved one now. Thank you Father, Son, Holy Spirit ~ In Jesus Name

Breathe deeply and ask the angels to surround you and your loved one and the situation. Ensuring that each person is embraced in Love and is held in angel wings. Envision this situation surrounded in the peaceful, healing light of the angels. Forgive yourself for anything you may be holding onto, be willing to forgive the other and focus on a peaceful resolve and what that would look like for all persons involved. Allow yourself to envision this peaceful outcome and surrender the situation to God and Jesus. Additionally, give any concerns to God and Jesus. Know that all parties and this situation are now being healed and peaceful outcome will ensure. Thank God for healing this situation. 

Archangel Chamuel with The Archangels, Angels and the Angel Team

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