Following Your Guidance For Holy Orders and Being Called To Serve

angel holding light center

Holy Orders could be to join or lead a ministry This can include volunteering for an organization such as Peace Corps, your local Church/Synagogue/Temple, offering assistance in the community, or even gathering donations such as food or clothing or otherwise for those in need. Holy Orders is when you feel you are being called by God for service work. Being called can be as simple as listening to an announcement of where help is needed and knowing through inner knowing or a peaceful, uplifting feeling in your heart, following guidance from your angels, or listening to your heart, that you suddenly know you have a compelling feeling that you should be assisting there. Even a little interest in the subject can help a multitude of people if guided and acted upon. This is a little like life purpose, both are “chosen” and there are no coincidences in eitherIt is a special calling by God to serve the church. Life purpose is also a special calling by God. Both are chosen for you using spiritual gifts, insight, abilities, personality, heart. Both are blessed and bring blessings to you and everyone involved.

“Holy Orders” is the sacrament through which the mission entrusted by Christ to his apostles continues to be exercised in the Church until the end of time: thus it is the sacrament of apostolic ministry. It includes three degrees: episcopate, presbyterate, and diaconate.” The Latin word sacramentum means “a sign of the sacred.”Being called by God in any service work is very Holy and blessed and the angels refer to it as a Holy Order, usually within the apostolic ministry. We , you and me, and everyone are “the church” regardless of the religious background. We are all God’s people. Service work within the church, the assembly and within God’s people is needed and welcomed at this time. “Feeling called” is a “knowing” that you are being guided to serve through insight of the Holy Spirit. The angels can help you with where you are being called to help in any area.

If you feel you are called to serve in a special way, Heaven is trying to tell you to “Go for it!”, God can use you in any area you feel called to do. Whether this involves working with children or teens, helping the homeless, assisting the elderly, musicians healing through their music, joining a church choir, leading a church choir, joining a church ministry, sharing the gospels, apostolic ministry (through the Great Commision , we are all called for this!), even artists who wish to uplift (which color can be healing- or maybe it is the message in your art that’s healing/uplifting to others)  through their art or by creating Holy Art, works of healing, acts of love, helping the community or environment, spiritual counsel, service work or using your gifts to serve, shining your light, encouraging others, uplifting others, maybe spiritual writing blogs or books for God , Jesus or the angels – the choices are unlimited and you are really needed at this time.  Through Insight and experience, it is a Blessing and it is Holy when God calls you or chooses you to do something, and when acted upon increases blessings for everyone involved and also increases God’s Favor. This is how you are helping in God’s Plan Of Peace.

Dear Heavenly Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Thank you for choosing me and using me as your holy instrument in Your Plan of Peace. Guide me to my life purpose and Holy Orders you have chosen for me. Help me to understand my guidance that you are giving me. Thank you for sending me. In Jesus Name

Additionally-If you would like to seek guidance from the angels:

First , take a deep relaxing breath, ask a multitude of angels to surround you and the ones helping you to find your Life purpose. Especially St. Michael the Archangel, Archangel Chamuel ( who helps you find what you are looking for and is very peaceful) and the guardian angels and angels who will assisting you within this life purpose, ministry, or what you feel you are called to do. Think of what your heart has been wanting to do or something you feel you are called to do ( if anything) and imagine yourself doing that. What does it look like? What does it involve? Does it bring peace and blessings to everyone involved? Ask the angels for guidance steps on how to take action. If you are unsure , then breathe and simply ask for the above angels to surround you and you can simply ask for guidance for your life purpose or ministry. Think of something that has meaning to you. Or something you feel good about doing and using it to serve. If still unsure, ask the angels to help you understand what that is, how you can help, what action steps should I be taking. Trust the message that comes to you. If you are still unsure, ask the angels to help you hear the messages they are sending to you. “Dear Angels – please help me to know the messages and guidance you are sending me” (Heaven will always repeat their messages – especially when they want you to follow God’s guidance) This is a clear sign that by asking, you are aligning with Life Purpose, Holy Orders, being called , being chosen and I assure you, Heaven will always help you in that area! Thank your angels for sending your messages, clear signs, and guidance for action steps . if you received any, follow them without hesitation if you can. 

With Gratitude and Love from The Angel Team

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