Increasing Joy ~ Including an Angel Meditation for Increasing Joy


Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” LUKE 6:38

Joy comes from serving, helping others, gift giving, using your spiritual gifts to serve, remembering that you a child of the Most High, knowing that God loves each of us unconditionally. A child, when given a gift , lights up with joy and most adults are the same way. The angels are always in a constant state of joy because they are in a constant state of giving. The more you give, the more you receive . Tenfold, without measure. Be willing to be open to receiving, for if you give with a sincere and cheerful heart, more will be measured out to you.  Joy is available to all who ask.

Ask and you shall receive. For if you ask the Heavenly Father with a sincere heart for what you need, God will always answer your prayer and help you. For He knows what you need already before you come before Him. The angels are your best witness before God and are always wanting you to feel joy. Give cheerfully, whether service, gifts, charity, donations and know that someone is receiving those items in joy; and this is what your Heavenly Father sees in Heaven. Be willing to receive Joy. Joy is a high vibration and is given without measure. Happy are those trust in the Lord! 

Here is An Angel Meditation for Increasing Joy. 

Sit back and relax, take few deep relaxing breaths, and ask the angels to surround you , your loved ones, your home, your office or wherever you are at currently. Ask for St. Michael to come in and help you uplift, you will feel the energy shift. Ask St. Michael to clear you of any emotions or thoughts, feelings that may be blocking your joy (which is your natural state of being) all you need to do is ask. The angels said that the Choir of Powers will work in tandem with St. Michael. Be willing to release any old emotions or negativity that you may be holding onto that are not serving the highest and best good. Ask for guidance for action steps if any. St. Michael will shield in these high vibrations helping you feel at peace and your natural state of being. Thank St. Michael and the Angels for their assistance, and ask for this as often as needed. St. Michael assures you that only love can permeate his shield created with wisdom and of love for every person that asks and your loved ones, your home , office or for where you ask.

In Jesus Name

St. Michael, St. Gabriel, The Angel Team 

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