Asking For Guidance

angel feather

Think positive when you are concerned about money. The angels want you to know that everything is a choice and peaceful outcome ensures when you stay focused on the solutions and insight available to you. Ask in prayer for guidance when you heart feels troubled or unsure. The angels can help you daily with action steps that will peacefully guide you to a more prosperous outcome. Stay in alignment with your guidance and follow it without hesitation. These are guidance steps that are sent to you with Divine Timing and know that your outcome will ensure harmony. Sometimes taking those first steps are all that it takes. Step in faith and know you are being guided from the Most High. Begin with prayer, asking for guidance and know the angels will help you. Ask for clear signs if uncertain. The guardian angels are always happy to repeat a message, especially if you aren’t sure you have heard correctly. (Heaven will always repeat it’s messages!)

Make your thoughts in alignment with your outcome. Such as “My business is prosperous” , “This is temporary” ” I am one with abundance” ” I am happy”  ” God is the Source of My Happiness” “I am Positive’ ” I am wise” ” I am one with Wisdom “I am one with Higher Understanding”. Say things as if they are already happening the way you want things to appear, even if they don’t look that way yet and you will see a change for the better.

First Pray: “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for directing my steps and guiding my thoughts and actions. Please lead me with guidance and help me to hear you. In Jesus Name

Then – Ask in silence for action steps by closing your eyes and ask the angels to surround you. (Have a pen and paper handy to write down any guidance you receive!) Breathe deeply , the angels may be cleansing a bit of emotion off , and that’s normal , this helps you to hear clearly. Imagine yourself surrounded by angels in the angel realm and there is a waterfall of light that you step under. Here, while under the waterfall of light, ask the angels for guidance steps for (___________) your situation. Write down any information that comes to you, even if its a symbol or a color or a word , a thought or emotion, an inner feeling. The angels will send clear guidance on what action steps to take. If you have a feeling of peace with the answer, or an epiphany, or a gut feeling “I thought that was what I was supposed to do!” an inner knowing. As long as the answer brings you peace when followed. This is how you know you are not listening to the ego , which can be kind of loud sometimes 🙂 If you are unsure if you have heard a message correctly, ask for guidance about the message you thought you heard. Ask for the Holy Spirit and the angels to guide you. I assure you, there is not one in Heaven who would ever want to see you upset. Everyone would want you to feel peaceful. Spending time in quiet meditation can help to shift your awareness from your ego mind to your higher self, helping you to connect with the angels and Higher Guidance. Thank your angels, Thank God and if you received guidance, follow it without hesitation.

The Angel Team

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