Do Not Put Your Love on a Shelf- with a Guided Meditation for Staying Centered in Your Highest Self


One of my spiritual teachers always says we do our best spiritual growth in relationship; and the angels often say to not put your love on a shelf, meaning not to put your love on hold and to love with all of your heart in every moment. The angels encouraged me to research spiritual growth and I found a wonderful reference online to which referred to Jesus as the vine and without him we cannot bear fruit: I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. JOHN 15:5

God loves us unconditionally and helps us to grow in love as His children. We are created in love and respond best to love. It is through love and peace that everyone learns best.  This applies to everyone. Spiritual growth comes from love and learning how to love unconditionally. Like the Heavenly Father loves

Love wholeheartedly. This is not “easier said than done”, for it comes with the Spiritual self or the higher self. Focus on the higher self who is always one with the Holy Spirit and with what God likes before you respond from the ego, which is always defensive and wants to be right. Learn this lesson well beloved , for it is through the Holy Spirit that love endures eternally. 

I personally like to ask God to help me to stay centered in His Grace. Especially if I am about to teach a class, or have to go in front of people. However , I have also prayed this when I feel I could use God or Jesus’ assistance with unconditional love and compassion. We aren’t alone and do not need to feel as if we are facing things alone. God and Jesus are always there

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for helping me stay centered in your Grace.  
In Jesus Name, Amen

A Channeled Guided Meditation for Staying Centered in your Highest Self. 

Stay focused on the highest self for this exercise.  To do this, you just need to intend to connect with the highest self. ” I am one with my highest self.”  Imagine a spirit self, pure and loving , walking with God, in Heaven. What would that look like? This is you. The real you. Cleanse from any negativity by asking your angels to be with you now, ask St. Michael to help you uplift and stay centered in your highest self. Cleansing simply means being willing  to “Let go of unwanted emotions or energy  that does not serve you any longer” and to give it to your angels. St. Michael will always help you in this area beloved. Cleanse any unwanted emotions or energy that is not serving the highest and best good and be willing to give it to St. Michael for transmutation and purification in the higher realms of light in Heaven. If you like, you can ask St., Michael to be with you always. He is happy to and will be there for you and your loved ones 24/7. He will also help you refill your light body after cleansing it with the uplifting , Pure Light of God which is a brilliant white light. once you feel uplifted, try to ask your highest self, “What is it you wish for me to know ?”  or “What is in my highest best interest for the highest possible outcome for  ( name the situation here)?” In this relaxed state, you can hear the messages of the highest self , which is always one with the angel realm and with God and Jesus. Write down any guidance you receive on a piece pf paper. Thank St.Michael for helping you, and enjoy this high vibration. You can repeat this exercise of Light anytime you wish. Thank you. In Jesus Name , And so it is. 

The Angel Team

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