Manifesting your Highest Outcome Possible

archangel haniel

The highest possible outcome can be attained through intention and prayer. God only wants the highest best outcome for everyone. This is His Plan , and this would be Heaven on Earth. Stay focused on what God likes. He sees everything in Heaven and rewards those who seek Him. 

Ask for the highest outcome possible in any given situation and in all ways. First in prayer, giving it to God and thanking Him. Do not give Him a list of details for I assure you, God understands the human mind and He thinks with His Divine Holy Mind, which is above all human ways. Give thanks in all things, for everything you have is from the Goodness of God. Visualize you and your family surrounded with angels, and ask for the angels to help you with guidance steps to help you achieve the answers to your prayers. God doesnt give you anything you cannot handle. If your vision includes health of body, then ask Jesus and the healing angels with St. Raphael to assist in health of body. Ask the angels that oversee your career, your life, your purpose, your dreams manifested, health of body, peaceful outcomes, relationships- whatever it is that you are asking, do not think you are doing this alone. You have Heaven’s help in all ways. in any matter, give it to God first, ask the angels to help you in achieving what it is you desire. know that you are being helped and take action steps without hesitation if guided to do so. This not only creates healthy lifestyle changes, but helps you bring Heaven on Earth to you and those around you. Have faith in the process and know that all dreams can come true. With God , all things are possible.

Ask in faith, with a sincere heart, give it to God, know that with God all things are possible. Ask for guidance steps, ask for clear signs from the angels to make sure you have heard them correctly (the angels will always repeat Heaven’s messages, this can include a peaceful uplifting feeling in your heart, a “knowing” , a “tailor made conversation”, a song with lyrics that seem to be “tailor made”, insight, visions, dreams, or a tingly sensation on your arm or an audible voice that sounds loving and uplifting. The angels are unlimited in the way they can communicate with you. You just need only be willing to receive and ask for guidance. We are always here with you 24/7 and loving you and will help you, you need only ask dear ones.

In Jesus Name

The Angel Team  

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