Lift all Concerns to God- with a Peaceful Meditation with the “Angeles”

angel beauty

27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. JOHN 14:27

The angels are encouraging us to give all concerns to God:

“Make a list if needed. Sit down, in prayer and uplift all concerns to God. Stay focused on giving everything to The Most High always. In any circumstance and give thanks to Him for all things. Give plenty to others when you have plenty and ask for help if needed- and do so with a cheerful heart. You will receive treasures in Heaven when you are seen with a heart of service , a heart of gratitude, a heart of compassion,  a heart full of cheer, a heart that is giving, a heart that provides solace, a heart of good nature, a heart that is sincere, a heart that is open, a heart that is loving, a heart that is in love, a heart that is fruitful, a heart that is penitent, a heart that is joyful, a heart like your Heavenly Father who is in Heaven and Loves you unconditionally. Try not to be focused on the world, but on your Heavenly Father.  Ask for any guidance steps. Go then, ensure peace for your selves by focusing on giving all concerns to God Almighty, relying on His understanding and Grace for all matters. For His ways are above all others and great will be your reward.” 

Peaceful Meditation with the “Angeles”:

“Sit back in a comfortable relaxing position. Breathe deeply and in prayer, give thanks to the Most High for all things. Ask The angels to surround you and breathe deeply. On the exhale, give any concerns or worries to St. Michael, who is with you. You can envision this to look however you want. Give everything to St. Michael who will transmute the energy to Heaven, and fill you with a high vibrational pure Light of God. Wait until you feel all of your concerns and worries  are given to him. Then on the exhale , release all of them. They are gone. You will be filled with The Pure Light of God in its place. Thank St. Michael the Archangel, the Angeles who came ( for there were many!). Thank God for this time with the angels. If you like, keep breathing in this high vibrational light for as long as you wish.” Namaste, In Jesus Name. And So it is.

The “Angeles” with the Angel Team 

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