You Are Blessed 


“Holy is The Highest, Heavenly Father, who blesses His Children with bountiful blessings. Even those who stray are loved by God. Beloved, give thanks to God in all ways, for He is Mighty, Strong, Merciful, Loving, Wise, Forgiving and Holy are His ways. His children are loved unconditionally and Great is His Goodness. His  Understanding is unlimited and the depths of His knowledge beyond compare. Holy is His Name” 

“God blesses His children immeasurably. You are blessed immeasurably by His Goodness. Think of everything around you. Even material- all gifts from God. Think of nature that surrounds you, the children you have, your family, your life, your home, everything that God has created, including yourself. Give thanks for all things, for you were created perfect with His Holy Understanding. When you see yourself in the mirror, what do see? For the Light of Christ resides in you. The Holy Spirit lives in your heart. Listen to the heart dear one, what is it telling you? Do not be afraid to listen. Listen now…. You are loved unconditionally and always have been. You are a child of the Most High and always will be. Listen to the Holy Spirit in your heart by asking the Holy Spirit for action steps in God’s plan for you. Today, spend time with God, in prayer, thanking Him for all of the goodness He bestows on you  and your loved ones. You are blessed beloved, beyond measure and will continue to be blessed for the blessings of God are irrevocable. God’s Goodness is immeasurable and His Goodness is with you now. Praise Him on this day, even if it is your first time praising, by giving thanks to the Most High. For He loves you unconditionally. Choose Him first in all your ways. Seek Him constantly and great will be your reward in Heaven. ” In Jesus Name.

The Angel Team 

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