Guardian Angels and the Angel Realm

Guardian angel 2

Everyone has at least one guardian angel. Most people have two or three that will be with you at all times and have been with you throughout every incarnation, and if this is your first incarnation, they have been with you from the time you were born, and will help  lead you to Heaven when you make your transition to Heaven.  They are really beautiful and are your best witnesses before God and Jesus. They intercede for you before the Heavenly Father and Jesus. They are your spiritual family and love you unconditionally, like the Heavenly Father. The angels serve both God and Jesus Christ and only do the will of the Father.  You need not be worried to ask for something too big or too small, for nothing is impossible for God, who will see what you are asking, everything is done with God’s approval. The angels are like friends, spiritual family , whom you can ask for help anytime. You need only thank  them as they do not want to be praised or prayed to. Only Praise the Heavenly Father, the angels say, and Give thanks to God in all ways. 

If you ever need an angel hug, or an angel embrace, feel comfortable in asking your guardian angels or the angel realm for assistance. They know what to do in any circumstance and have the Authority of God to do so.  Heaven helps anyone who asks for help. The angels always honor the Law (Gift) of Free Will, so they will wait until you ask before they act on your behalf. The guardian angels are special because they deliver your prayers to God, act as messengers for God and will always be by your side. In fact, you can ask for as many angels as you like, there are an unlimited amount of angels and the angels are not limited by time and space. They can be with everyone simultaneously. Your guardian angels however, will always be by your side. It is their Divine Assignment to help you through life as a human. They are unlimited, like the Father and can help you in celestial ways. 

Ask now for your angels to surround you and notice any changes in uplifting energy. Notice any thoughts, feelings, visions, or tingly sensations on your arm. Notice if you feel an angelic presence, which is always uplifting. These are your guardian angels, who are surrounding you now, in an angel embrace, loving you. There are more that assist you in special times in your life. These can range from healing others, to getting married, helping with your children, or vocations, ministries. You always have Heaven’s help. You are never alone and you never will be. Ask the angels to surround you anytime you need assistance or if you just would like to connect  with the higher , uplifting feeling of the angel realm. Do this often, as the angels love to help bring peace to you and your loved ones. You can ask for anything, including help with relationships, a career change , a move, healing from a departed loved one, protection, healing in any circumstance~the choice is yours to ask, but ask indeed. For there are many angels who will come to assist you in your life’s purpose and in everyday matters. Feel their love now , and know they will always be with you. 

The Guardian Angels, Angel Realm and Angel Team

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