Living The Sword of the Spirit


Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. EPHESIANS 6:17

The sword of the spirit is part of God’s armor while on Earth and in Heaven. Holding True His promises and insight through Jesus and the prophets~ God has never changed. His Love endures forever, His embrace is eternal and He Loves the faith filled, the sincere, the peacemakers~His children unconditionally. We are delighted to help you understand the sword of the spirit, for many have been asking about their spiritual path, life purpose and spiritual endeavors. The Word of God is a sword like no other. We angels enlighten those who ask- the Word of God is eternal, filled with every blessing, a fountain of love overflowing, abundance overflowing and good measure. The Word of God has insight to Heaven , what God likes, and Jesus Christ’s Words of Peace, the Good News. These are words that have life. Look inside your heart, there you will see the Holy Spirit, whom God has sent to everyone. Ask for the holy Spirit in everything you do. This is not something to overlook, but to give thanks to God for all of His blessings. To stand in your power , which is the Holy Spirit, which is God’s Spirit working in you, every day. Feel the love that is shared between you and the Father, between you and His Son Jesus. That is the holy Spirit. Stand in that Love and know that His love in unconditional and He sends you to serve the kingdom through His Spirit. Through His Gifts you will serve, and this is not news, but encouragement for you to stand in your power. To Stand in His Peace, to stand undivided and Glorify the Father in Heaven. Stand in Love, in unison, in Unity with the Holy Spirit. Stand in faith, in courage, and know you are blessed. You are His Kingdom, for you are not separate. He Loves you very much and always will. Holy is His Name – In Jesus Name

The Angel Team. 

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