The Angel Walk

Jesus rebukes the wind and sea 2

Bear with me, this is a true story….-

The moral or lesson in this story, per the angels, is to ask God for anything in faith

After a long discussion with my youngest son, Joseph, on what he wanted for dinner, Joseph decided on chicken enchiladas. We were, however out of cheese and I had to walk 30 minutes to the grocery store to purchase some. I thought the exercise would be nice and didn’t mind, (plus it was nice outside, slightly windy, but really warm ) so off I went and told my son I would be back. I walk to the store, purchase some cheese and some other items and as I am walking outside I thought I would check what movies Redbox had for my son to watch. Which, I normally do not do, but thought it would be nice to have a family movie night.  Redbox was located  across the street (at Walgreens). So, I walk across the street and walk up to the open Redbox Kiosk and notice it was beginning to sprinkle. Lately, I noticed that the rain storms have been “man made” due to the chem trails, so I was not worried about the sprinkles for the walk back home.

Man-made rain is always just a couple of sprinkles and then it goes away, I think to myself.

As I am surfing through the movies, the reflection in the Redbox kiosk begins to show a lot of lightning behind me that “lights up” the sky and now I am thinking “uh oh!” 

Those “sprinkles” became huge drops, but not a lot of rain. Still, I decided to walk inside and ask if they have umbrellas for sale. The cashier was lovely and points to some on sale for $3.99. Great! They are inexpensive, I think,  and I purchase one. Except, as I am checking out, the rain pours. So much, in fact that I decided to wait inside.

I am watching the rain pour for awhile, it seems, and all of a sudden the rain becomes a river, flowing onto the street and throughout the parking lot. Maybe that wasn’t man-made rain after all!

I am SO NOT going out in THAT, umbrella or not! I am thinking to myself. I watch one customer by one customer walk into Walgreens soaked. 

The cashier notices I am standing in front of the door and I tell her how I walked, and got caught here, and I explain that I was just going to stand here for a moment while the rain stops. She laughs and says, “Stay as long as you want, at least you bought the umbrella! (for when you leave)”

I walk over to the magazines….. I read about Channing Tatum……. I read about “The Bachelorette” ……. nooo neee nooo …..still  waiting for the storm to pass. I am now thinking that the storm can’t last THAT long

Now, the cashier stands with me, and we make little quips of humor here and there about the storm. The other employees gather at the door to watch the rainstorm pouring outside (it really was a lot of rain). I contemplated calling family for a ride, but didn’t have my phone and remembered how my family does not like driving in the rain. :/

I walk outside, the rain was beginning to die down, but the wind had picked up so much that even if I  did walk with my new umbrella, I would still be soaking wet due to the way the wind was blowing the rain. I also notice that it is now cold and I am wearing a tank top and shorts. I do not like to be cold and wet, so I walk back inside….

“Do you have any rain ponchos?” I ask the cashier…

“Yes,” she says, “Aisle 7- I think they are $7.99…”

As I am walking back to aisle 7, I am thinking hmmmI do not think I want to spend $7.99 on a rain poncho…

On my way to aisle 7 , I pass a display of folded T-Shirts. Awesome! I think to myself, at least these could keep me warm and keep the rain off my shoulders! The T-shirts are only $2.99.

Except, I now remember, through insight, to only purchase “fair trade ” items because “fair trade” items are guaranteed to be fairly traded, and assembled together under humane working conditions. I had read about the “Sweatshops” in other countries and due to the demand of inexpensive clothing, that a lot of the inexpensive clothing comes from inhumane working conditions and these places called”sweatshops”.

So, I  begin looking at the tags ….hmm…” made in Honduras” …”made in Haiti”…..”made in El  Salvador”….. I am not sure where these sweatshops are , BUT I do know that we do not have any sweatshops in the United States at least, So I begin searching for one that says “made in the U.S.A.”…. and I find one. The size  on the T-Shirt says 2XL, which is way too big, but I am not really caring about that and thinking that it will cover my legs too ( I am only 5’3″)! Yay!  It is a white T-shirt and it has writing on it, but I can’t make out what the shirt says just yet, so I open the folded T-shirt. To my dismay, this 2XL T-shirt reads ( IN BOLD LETTERS) “I BEAT ANOREXIA”

Gee! No way am I wearing that. Cold or not! So I continue to peek through the tags. I found one that says “made in Canada” ..and I remember reading an article that said that of all the countries, Canada topped the list for being the most peaceful. Sweet! I am now thinking they couldn’t possibly have sweatshops if they are peaceful! I will choose one of these T-shirts. Interestingly enough, this T-shirt, that was made in Canada, says “Albuquerque, New Mexico” on it. I think to myself – isn’t it odd that we would purchase a T-Shirt from Canada that says ‘Albuquerque, New Mexico?’ …funny ! At this point, at least it will keep me warm and this will be just fine. 

Except when I unfold the folded T-shirt, it looked like it would fit my 4-year old granddaughter. EEK ! I find out that all of the “made in Canada” t-shirts are all child sizes!

Well, maybe that poncho isn’t such a bad idea after all , I think– so I skim through a couple more T-shirts before seeking out the rain poncho on aisle 7. I find them, and , much to my delight, there are a bunch of different varieties of ponchos. So , I begin looking….$15.99….$7.99……$5.99……..$2.49….. YAY! It read, “Emergency Poncho” for $2.49!

Perfect !

I take it up to the register (it’s still raining) and purchase the poncho. I wait for about 10 more minutes before I walk outside again. It is still raining and the wind is still blowing hard. I say to God, “God…I like the rain, and we need it. I don’t want to rebuke the rain, but do you think we can stop it just long enough for me to get home maybe?”

(I still wait for the rain and walk back inside)

But now the cashier remembers she has coupons for Redbox and she offers me some. I thank her and walk back outside to see if there is a movie again. There really wasn’t anything I would watch. However, I notice the rain is beginning to die down enough, and the wind is still atrocious.

So, I decided to brave it out. I put on my rain poncho, fluff out my new umbrella and begin the 30 minute walk back home. Thank God I bought that rain poncho because the wind is blowing rain sprinkles all over me, but since I have the rain poncho, I am not getting wet and it is not so bad. I make back across the street and notice I am fighting the wind with my umbrella. The wind is literally picking up the umbrella from underneath and I am having a hard time holding onto it. There are wind gusts that are making me hold onto my umbrella with both hands. So now, I have the two grocery bags, the rain poncho, and both hands trying to hold onto my umbrella….

I remember the story about Jesus, and how he rebuked the wind and calmed the sea while in the boat with the Apostles. I remember that Jesus gave us God’s authority through the Great Commision, so I am now thinking , maybe I can rebuke the wind too. 🙂

So , I say out loud to the wind…”Quiet ! Be still ! ”

…but the wind continues….

I hear an angel’s voice that says, “You will have to do it with faith”

So I repeat to myself, I am one with God’s authority, I am one with God’s authority, I am one with God’s authority ….” CALM ! BE STILL” 

and the wind dies down, but only for a few seconds- possibly 10 seconds at best

and I hear a kind Angel’s voice that says ” Jesus had calmed the sea and rebuked the wind”

So , I say to God, ” Oh Heavenly Father, I would just prefer you help me rebuke the wind

I think to the angel, ” I am not sure how to rebuke the wind” …but I am also thinking to myself –maybe I can try. 

So I repeat, “I am one with God’s authority , I AM ONE With God’s Authority, I AM ONE with God’s Authority”

I say out loud, ” Father , Son , Holy Spirit, please rebuke the wind with me” and I say ” WIND ! I REBUKE YOU, CALM, BE STILL”

AND IT WORKS !…and this time only for a few minutes. I notice my shoe is untied , but I can’t tie it because I am holding groceries and if I let go of my umbrella it will fly away….

The angel says”It would be better if you asked God to rebuke the lighting…”

“Well, that too! “ I am thinking, yes, please, that too.

I notice the sun has begun to poke through the clouds, and it looks beautiful. There is an amazing golden sunburst lighting up the grey sky and it looks amazing. I turn around and notice behind me is a beautiful double rainbow. It is unbelievably beautiful. 

So I  mention to God” How beautiful is your handiwork, the sun looks so beautiful shining through the clouds !

And now I notice I am having a subconscious thought that is reminding me that if God was helping me that the winds wouldn’t die down for a couple of minutes, that He is Abundant, and when God does something, He does it abundantly, and the winds would have died down…….plete………. I was about to try again, but at that moment it dawned on me I was no longer wrestling my umbrella…..

The winds died, and the rain stopped all of a sudden.

….and I noticed I could bend down and tie my shoe….and my umbrella didn’t fly away. As a matter of fact, I was able to put it away in my bags. The raindrops were gone…and in its place was a beautiful golden sunset breaking through the clouds. 

Thank you God !

Yay! 🙂 – I smile the rest of the way home and when I finally make it back, my youngest son was all wet. He asked me, “Where have you been?”

” Son, I was caught in the rain……Did you not notice the rain storm ? ” I asked

” Yes, I went in it looking for you-….to bring you a jacket. I couldn’t find you” he said

((((((AwwwwwWWWW!)))))) How sweet!! ( I was wondering why he was all wet!)

I thank God for my boys, both of them, and I thank God for rebuking the wind and ceasing the rain. I wouldn’t normally have asked – …(well maybe I would have if my hair was down and I wore lip gloss!) …but I am glad I did. Praise God for His Goodness !

(the Moral of this- the angels said- is to ask God for anything in faith)

In Jesus Name -Have a blessed Day !

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