Inner Sanctuary

angel holding light center

I was asking this morning about a message for or about Inner Peace- The title and the message are all channeled through The Grace of God and the Angels.  The angels said ” this was not just (only)a meditation…”

Greetings , I am St. Michael, the Archangel.  I am here with a host of Heavenly Angels and Archangels who are here to help you feel the inner peace inside of you. This peace is God-given and is not like any other peace externally. Feel this peace now as St.Michael cuts the cords from the illusion of fear and disharmony , while St. Raphael cleanses the area where these cords were once at. Feel this peace shift to a higher frequency of peace. This is your natural state of being and is recognized by the angels when we see your heart. Know you are blessed dear beloved earth angel, dear disciple of the Lord, dear lightworker , for it matters  not what you call yourself, you are a beloved child of the Most High. Inner peace is knowing God , The Holy Spirit, and Jesus, resides in your heart. Envelop yourself in this peace now, by focusing on the light inside of you. inside your heart  center. Feel blessed and know that God blesses you with his Love , the Highest blessing possible is upon you and your loved ones. Know that the inner sanctuary is behind closed doors, where no one can enter. Rest in this peace now and always and let the Light of God , who resides in you now, shift your thinking, shift your awareness, shift your enlightenment journey, shift the awareness in his Gospels, in his Truth, in His Likeness . Be one with the Lord, allow your heart to be enveloped by his , now and forever. Be at peace dear one, and know you are blessed again and again. Feel this shift now as the angels lift any discord that was previously felt, for nothing is hidden, and allow this High Vibrational Light to open your heart. Know that the Pure Light of God resides within every cell. Repeat this every morning if you wish , know that God Himself will help you shift your awareness to His Truth, which is always Loving. Cleanse and remove any guilt , any shame, any vibration that is not of God’s Purest Love now. Allow this to be so and it is done ! For now you are in a different state of being than before. Know this is possible because of God’s Hands, His abundant ways and His Son, Jesus Christ, who loves you and is with you through this meditation. Give thanks to God for any healing and know this is His Will. For everyone to choose Him first and help others when needed. Love each other and yourself for there is nothing hidden. Let only Love remain. Go then, child of God , Child of the most High , believe in yourself, believe in Your Heavenly Father , believe in His Divine Son and know you  too, have abundant hands, an open heart, a loving, sharing, compassionate heart that is God Given to each one of you. For each one of you are blessed by the Most High. Feel the difference now and always and all eternity. For God’s love is eternal , and wants you to have peace on Earth, inner peace , and love always. In Jesus Name. Amen and So it is. 

Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, St. Michael, The “Angeles” and Heavenly Host, St. Raphael, the Saints who support Angel Love Blessings (there were many that came in today to help with inner peace and inner sanctuary), ORION, and 100,000 Peaceful Protection Angels who are here to help protect with St. Michael, St. Gabriel, Archangel Chamuel, The Archangels and Stars who came in to offer support – otherwise known as  The Angel Team

About Yvette Celes

I am a Professional Angel Intuitive , a spiritual writer, and I assist the angels in spiritual healing. I love to share insight from the angels for higher understanding , share spiritual Truth, and to help people recognize their own Heavenly guidance. I am guided to write, share and teach Angel Intuitive classes for others. It is an honor to do so and I feel grateful and blessed to not only do this work, but for all that God has graced me with. For the Glory of God.
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2 Responses to Inner Sanctuary

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  2. Judy says:

    I am in need of blessing and strength for things that are coming up on 25 August 2015


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