Open Doors of Opportunity

Archangel Chamuel

With Archangel Metatron and channeled by Archangel Chamuel

Greetings I am Archangel Chamuel . I am here in peace with The Angel Team, Archangel St. Michael and a host of Heavenly Angels. I am here to guide you to seek the doors of opportunity that are open  for you at this time and always. Peace is the door you could choose to walk through. There are many doors of opportunity and blessed is the One who sends them, for that is the Most High God the Father who loves you. We angels and Archangels know you humans love to seek open doors of opportunity . Yay we say as you seek those doors that will be opening and are open now. This is a wonderful time to seek openings of opportunity as it is always within your reach. Seek the doors that will open easily my friends. These will remain open for you as they are God Given opportunity and are for you to step through indeed! We are here to counsel you in the walking as you say. Please listen to this very high vibration as it is given. This is important for you beloved. For if you choose the doors that are easiest to you, things will flow smoothly as you walk through and more will open indeed! Walk through what feels peaceful to you. Does the situation remind you of peace? Does the door or window resemble a peace filled doorway or window? Continue reading “Open Doors of Opportunity”

Think Positive 


No matter what the situation looks like, even if it appears as lovely, peace filled or if your situation could use some change, trust in the angels to help guide you to a better place. The angels can help you uplift when you feel sad, blue, anger, or just not yourself, to your natural state which is always very high in vibration-very loving. If you need help in forgiving someone, ask the angels to help you shift the energy of resentment, or otherwise to forgiveness. Choose to forgive even if knowing the other one would not forgive you back. You will see many positive shifts occur as a result. Ask St. Michael to help you uplift to your natural state of joy , love and peace. Staying close to Jesus is important now and always. Loving the way Jesus taught in the gospels, with compassion, with love , placing God first is important for everyone. Thinking positive will help shift your vibration and the situation faster than you think. Think upon love, and focus upon faith. Think upon peace, Think upon peaceful outcome and know the outcome will be so! Think and act as if it is so. Jesus was always one with his people. You can go to him for everything. Everything can be prayed upon and changed for the better. Know this and lift up any concerns to God Almighty and his Son, who loves you, ask for anything in faith and ‘think positive’ as your first action step toward that goal. Listen to any guidance you receive from the angels, focus on the highest possible outcome, and know that your prayers (and situation) are in the best hands possible.

Jesus is the Most High, with God, as God has exalted him above all names. This is even known in the universe, and it should be known on Earth. Trust in Him as you would the Heavenly Father. For He loves you always.

The Angel Team 

God’s Goodness

Jesus in Heaven

Prayer increases faith, health, opportunities, and brings a multitude of blessings for those you pray for. Love can heal a nation and your prayer is an expression of your heart  to God and Jesus. Your prayers are answered the second they are heard God speed , for God does not delay in answering or procrastinate. God’s goodness overflows into every heart. He knows the reason you are praying before you come before him. He meets you halfway if needed. God understands his people , his angels, his disciples, his prophets-everything he created because He created everything with His Power, Understanding, Divine Knowledge and Grandeur. God is sovereign and God’s Love is higher than you can possibly imagine it to be. Gods mercy is omnipotent, and you can go to Him for anything you can imagine. He will understand you when you come before Him. He has unconditional love and mercy for His people. Pray with complete faith for what you need. Pray with sincerity and give thanks to Him for all of His Goodness. Always.

“Dear Heavenly Father, Son , Holy Spirit, thank you for perfect health of body. Thank you for all of my blessings, directing my steps and the opportunities you have in store for me. Thank you for everything you give to me, for all of my days, my family and your Holy love. In Jesus Name. Amen”

Guided by the Angel Team

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand


The angels had asked me to post on the Gospels every Sunday, from the readings at church. Every Sunday – I surely will, with a loving message behind it.

Peace, love, angel blessings and May God bless your day

Gospel, John 6:1-15

1 After this, Jesus crossed the Sea of Galilee — or of Tiberias-

2 and a large crowd followed him, impressed by the signs he had done in curing the sick.

3 Jesus climbed the hillside and sat down there with his disciples.

4 The time of the Jewish Passover was near.

5 Looking up, Jesus saw the crowds approaching and said to Philip, ‘Where can we buy some bread for these people to eat?’

6 He said this only to put Philip to the test; he himself knew exactly what he was going to do.

7 Philip answered, ‘Two hundred denarii would not buy enough to give them a little piece each.’

8 One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said,

9 ‘Here is a small boy with five barley loaves and two fish; but what is that among so many?’

10 Jesus said to them, ‘Make the people sit down.’ There was plenty of grass there, and as many as five thousand men sat down.

11 Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed them to those who were sitting there; he then did the same with the fish, distributing as much as they wanted.

12 When they had eaten enough he said to the disciples, ‘Pick up the pieces left over, so that nothing is wasted.’

13 So they picked them up and filled twelve large baskets with scraps left over from the meal of five barley loaves.

14 Seeing the sign that he had done, the people said, ‘This is indeed the prophet who is to come into the world.’

15 Jesus, as he realised they were about to come and take him by force and make him king, fled back to the hills alone. Continue reading “Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand”

Align with Your Spiritual Truth

250-Higher-Self-Spirit-Guides (1)

The highest of all values is love. Spiritual values are important now. More than they ever have been before. You see , this 5th dimensional energy can really be called”spiritual energy” – it is higher than what you are used to living in. This is why you signed up to be here at this time. For love is what will  help everyone. Love has the highest spiritual value because it comes from God Himself. The Highest Spiritual values all come from God, the Most High. Spirituality, is recognizing the Spirit self. And aligning with your spirit self an the Holy Spirit is what it is all  about here on this earth plane. In the physical, it may not seem so, but that is because some may be focused on the body, on the physical, in the 3D dimension, where people have lived for centuries. Focus on what Jesus taught, to love God first , and love others as yourself (Luke 10:27). This is the highest value possible, and it fulfills the Torah, the old law. It fulfills every law, and within it , there is no law because the law is fulfilled. God has sent you here to love beloved, love Him , love yourselves, love one another. Love is the highest spiritual value and is good for all creatures. Give thanks to God for all lessons, even if they seem trivial. God holds the future, the present and the past. Give thanks for all lessons and know He is the one directing your steps , now and always. Love Him, place Him first and know that you are His beloved child, whom He loves.

The Angel Team

Manifesting your Dreams Into Reality

Archangel_Ariel 2

Archangel Ariel is here with St. Michael and the Powerful protection angels. You need not worry about anything”they say. “God has everything handled in His hands. He knows when you would like to create , He knows the dreams in your heart and knows how to make them happen. Give God your dreams. Dreams do come true . For you, for your neighbor; not just the people around you, but you too beloved. This includes your dreams and let this be a sign to you. Your dreams in you heart are placed there by God Himself. There you will see that your spiritual gifts will be used when you seek your dreams into reality. Know that God loves you and wants to help you , now and forever, with all matters. This can include more peace, more faith, dreams coming true. more compassion , more education etc. God sees the innocence and beauty you were born with, for He created you with His own hands. You were fashioned before the world was created dear one. Ask God now:”

Continue reading “Manifesting your Dreams Into Reality”

Angel Healing Exercise


The Angels want to help you in a healing exercise guided with St. Raphael and the healing angels. This is not saying that all need healing, for healing comes in many forms. Some are emotional wounds, mental thoughts of err. wounds from emotional relationships, saying goodbye to a loved one, and the list goes on. A healing exercise is a high vibrational healing with the angels. All you need to do is ask. An Angel Practitioner (or Intuitive) can guide you through one or you can simply ask on your own. As show below:

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