Angel Guidance for Forgiveness and Peaceful Meditation with the Angels


Envision yourself surrounded by angels . The intention will be noticed and bring many angels to surround you. You need only ask dear one and many angels will be surrounding you instantly. For it is through intention that you are connecting with the angel realm, Heaven, your loved ones in Heaven, and the angel team that works with you in everyday choices, vocations, ministries, career, beauty, relationships, intuition, spiritual gifts and abilities, health, exercise, motivation, clarity, sobriety, lifestyle, music- the possibilities are endless indeed. For there are a great multitude of “Angeles”, Archangels, Choirs- who are willing to help you in everyday situations , and always.

There is never a reason for concern even though the ego will tempt you to think so. Follow your guidance , your Heavenly angels know how to guide you  to higher possibilities,- a myriad of them await you. You need only ask dear one and the time is now., Lift up any concerns to God, to Jesus Christ, to the angels that surround you now. Know that you are loved in Heaven, seen with compassion, held by a multitude, seen with love unconditionally. God knows your past and forgives you. He loves you unconditionally, now and always. Come back to the table of Good if you felt separate, alone or misguided.  Let Go of any mishaps between you and another, forgive always for you are also forgiven by God Himself. Breathe in His Goodness, inhale deeply His Love, ask for the Highest to bless you in numerous ways, give thanks for all blessings, in all ways, in all things. Know your Heavenly Father will help you forgive others if it is difficult. Be ye willing to serve God in this way. Help another for no reason, Help is always available to you, and you deserve to know you are blessed, for now and always. Eternally so, for no blessing is irrevocable by God, no gift beyond his measure. He has blessed you with countless gifts, some undiscovered still. Use these wisely, for it is through His Gifts that we serve one another in this age and the next, for generations to come. Think now of something that has been hindering you if any, lift it up to God now. Don’t delay or hesitate on this, but be certain to lift it now. You are being helped, guided, and uplifted. Trust in the Angels that surround you. Ask St. Michael to help lift any concerns, anything of your past can be forgiven and  healed.  Ask for guidance steps from the Heavenly Host, from your guardian angels, know you are being guided through. In Jesus Name 

The Angels 

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