The Gift (& Care of ) Sensitivity & Empathic Ability in Adults, Children, Preteen/Teens (Young Adult) 

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Ask St. Michael for assistance if you notice you or your children (any age) are feeling moody, sad, depressed ( for no reason), if your energy feels depleted, if you are around stress, or feel physical or emotional fatigue from such (or if you are around others who are). Additionally, if you notice that one minute you are happy and the next, you are sleepy, or in bed often from fatigue. Especially if you, or your children feel this way after being in large crowds, at the store, or in the mall. You or your child, pre-teen or teenager can have the gift of sensitivity or empathic ability as well. The angels say, This is common in this day and age due to their (or your) life purposes. This is a sign of clairvoyance and is overlooked and misdiagnosed often. Any sign of fatigue or lower energy, stop, and ask St. Michael and the angels for their assistanceThere is no reason for concern, but you or your child can be empathic, or sensitive to the energies around you, even celestially. If you have been feeling anything other than your natural state of love, joy and peace- to ask St. Michael for assistance in shielding those energies from you and your loved ones. Helping you feel your natural state of being which is God-Given. God is your source for your natural state of peace, love, joy and happiness. I assure you, Heaven is always  available to assist in this area.

 This is not saying you feel disconnected, or that you are separate, but sensitive people, myself included, can tune in to other people’s emotions and energy easily as a way to assist, sometimes without knowing they are doing so. (For instance, in the case of two of my my nieces who are 11 and 12 years old,  both are earth angels and such lights to this world, are the sweetest children, and have many spiritual gifts, but as an example, one will complain of feeling tired and needing to rest, after being in a mall for 10 minutes. In another example, the other (who is sweet as pie) will become moody often for no particular reason.  Through insight, the angels revealed both are sensitive to other people’s emotional states, their environment and cleaning agents. This doesn’t hurt their well being, but is seen on the physical level as lethargic, tired or even sadness or moodiness at times) You do not have to suffer negative consequence in using your gifts and abilities. This is a God-Given Ability for a life purpose and the Holy Spirit, St. Michael , the Archangels and the angels can help you if you are experiencing negative consequence, and teach you how to use your abilities for the highest good, to the highest of your ability, and this is good timing! This can include being sensitive to chemicals, pesticides, the environment, your surroundings and even sensitive to celestial activity currently happening universally. This is why it is being said (by the angels) It is best to purchase organic produce, cotton, and cleaning agents good for the environment. If you or if you notice you have a sensitive child, it is best to switch to organic food and “green” cleaning agents (for those who are chemically sensitive) for their health longevity. This affects their aura (or light body), which can be “cleansed” with the angels, but is better to switch to purchasing from companies that care about organic food, products, and cleaning agents that are non-invasive and are good  for the environment. There is no reason for alarm, but as insight, do notice if this is you or someone you love. You can be helping them spiritually, emotionally and mentally- and it can be life changing- to switch to organic food and product.” It is also good to notice if you feel sleepy during a full moon or hyper for that matter. Take naps if needed. Being sensitive celestially is normal. This can be why it has been said that people “behave differently ” during a full moon, or that solar flares can make a person feel moody. It is seen as moodiness on the physical level, but experienced as sensitivity on the whole, which is also a gift that is God-Given. Your body is a sensitive instrument and is still becoming acclimated to living in the 5th dimensional energies and beyond.

Ask St. Michael and the “angeles” now to surround you and your home , your loved ones, your vehicle, where you sleep at night and so forth. Ask St. Michael to help remove anything that may be draining your energy and vitality. Anything your light body or cells may have absorbed from your own thoughts and emotions, or the thoughts and emotions of others. Help to uplift to your natural state  of joy, love,  and peace. St. Michael is an expert at lifting your energy body to its natural state, and eliminating that which is no longer serving you with his sacred, spiritual vacuum , which resembles a tube of light. You can ask him to use this vacuum anytime you wish, as many times or as often as needed.  Invite him now to vacuum your body (even fingers and toes), your light body (or aura), your chakras, your home, your vehicle, your loved ones (St. Michael will ask their permission on a soul level and is happy to help all children, marital spouses, parents, family etc) , their homes, their vehicles, the Earth (if needed) and so forth. You can simply breathe deeply while this is being done. If you like, you can envision whatever it is that is no longer serving you to be vacuumed through St. Michael’s tube. You can ask him to place this tube on any speed of your choice ( for instance, low, low-med, med, med-high, high or ultra high) and he can be with everyone simultaneously, he is not limited by time and space. You are being assisted with a great multitude of angels they said! Feel his presence now as he vacuums what you have intended. He will then replace it with a brilliant light, which is a Pure Light of God, helping you feel uplifted. This can be done by anyone, and is also good for emotions that have been ‘bottled’ or suppressed. You do not need special training, for St.Michael will help anyone who asks him (he honors free will , so you just have to be willing) and is happy you asked him for help! If needed, St. Michael will use his sword to cut away any cords of fear, discord or a cord that is not serving you from any person, place or past experience (in this life or others) that is no longer serving you. St. Raphael will cleanse these at the roots and St. Michael will shield you from any further energies with his brilliant shield of purple and gold. Thank the angels, St. Michael and St.Raphael, give thanks to God for any healing and know you are blessed. The angels only wish you to feel love and peace, For love is a joyous state. 

In Jesus Name- Namaste and Angel Blessings!

St. Michael, St. Raphael, The Archangels and Angel Team

(this is not a diagnosis, but insight from the angels who want you to feel peace)

A Good Angel Reference and Spiritual Author : Angel Detox by Doreen Virtue PHD

Care and Feeding of Indigo

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