Heaven’s Veils Are Open

angels in Heaven

Heaven’s veils are thinnest right now, more than they ever have been in the past. This enables you to see, hear and know your Heavenly guidance more clearly.  Heaven has always been with you ,your family and loved ones,  and now, even more so as this age is the peacemakers who have incarnated in order to bring an age of peace, love and gratitude. Love is always the answer in every situation. Stay focused on love dear ones. Imagine yourself in Heaven now. Imagine Heaven on Earth, what that means to you, for this is what you will create. This can be achieved in every lifetime. This doesn’t have to be now and only now, or a thing of the past. Heaven’s gates are wide open for everyone and this should be known. Nothing is withheld, God only wants His children to live peacefully and in love with all that is.

Your family is love, your mate is love, your children are love and precious to this whole universe and in Heaven, for God Loves his children unconditionally. Begin new this day and claim your peace. Your inner peace that resides within you now. For that is God-given and is what God intended and is why He has sent His Holy Spirit to reside in you, to love unconditionally with all you encounter. Let Your love flow this day and the next, let every day be a flow of love . Ask For the Highest to help you if you see this with difficulty. Ask for harmony in every day, ask for blessings, ask for guidance, ask for insight – for nothing is withheld. Not in this day or the next age to come. Heaven’s veils are open we say, and you need only accept this in your heart to allow your heart to open to God’s embrace. Let your words be of honey , and let your insight be guided with the Highest . Ask God to guide the direction of your steps, your thoughts, your words, your clarity, your awareness, your focus. Ask the Most High for clarity, compassion, help, guidance, and give thanks for everything He has done for you and your family. Go in peace to love and serve, honor and hold dear the gift of love. For it is the highest gift indeed. In Jesus Name.

The Angel Team

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