High Vibrating Words


Your words  carry vibrations that are heard throughout the universe, and in Heaven. Your words have loving vibrations when the heart is open. They carry wisdom, love, peace, joy and uplift others around you. Choose your thoughts as positive and your words will vibrate as such. Choose words of compassion to heal others- love and wisdom, joy, peace and compassion can heal a multitude, uplift stressful situations, increase harmony and can be heard in Heaven. Allow your self now to think a positive uplifting word or two, such as “I am one with the Most High” and “I am close to God’s heart” – speak these words out loud. They are more than a compliment, they are uplifting because of the Truth and spiritual power they have, thus creating high level positive words and vibrations. Believe them as true for it is not calling yourself equal to God , but as one, as His child, for no one is separate except in thought.  This is what makes words high vibrating-it is their Truth. Speaks words of high vibration and high vibration is what you will attract , in your surroundings, and lifestyle. Do not speak words that upset other ones, but choose your words carefully for your words can also can carry low vibrations if you are not aware. Speak words that heal, for words have creation power, healing energy,  and are fused with Heaven’s Love, for that is what you were created with; God’s unconditional love and in His Image. Open you heart to God’s love by asking God to send His love to your heart, asking your own heart to open to God’s love , this love is available to you 24/7. Ask the angels to help you feel the love of God if needed, I assure you, no one is ever denied this request.

In Jesus Name

The Angel Team

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