The Angels on Releasing Chemically Addictive Food, Beverages, and Substance

This is an important time to remain sober. We angels are not trying to take away your fun, in fact we want you to gain insight, higher understanding, something that can be done with a sober and fresh mind. Additionally they want to give you insights, revelations and guidance on your current situation. St. Michael says that alcohol consumption can hinder or block insight, can alter discernment and self control. This is not limited to drinking alcohol, but also abstaining from chemically addictive substances.The angels are willing to help you with this and have helped many over come their habits and helped to make healthy lifestyle changes, increased cravings for healthy food and beverages (such as water and decaf or herbal tea). This can include the caffeine found in soda, coffee, chocolate, nicotine, prescription drugs, or anything that would be considered habit forming. Even emotional or mental habits. The angels want you to know abuse of chemicals, such as alcohol, is a sign if self sabotage, which is really a deterrent from your life purpose. Caffeine does not block insight, but increases anxiety, especially for those sensitive to caffeine, and is low vibrational in nature. Anxiety makes it hard to hear your angelic guidance. The angels offer support for this as well. You need only ask.

All spiritual gifts , especially discernment have been given to you during this time for a special reason, this time period , and can help us shift into higher states of awareness and  spiritual maturity, ~ this is a time for changing systems that are no longer needed to increase peace. You also need discernment for voting on upcoming elections. This is also a time where manifestation occurs more rapidly than ever before. What you think about you will attract, and a positive fresh, sober mind can attract a higher possible outcome for you and can help you in your life purpose. You are needed right now, the world needs healers and Angel Intuitives, Teachers, Administrators, Musicians that wish to heal or uplift through their music, politicians who are honest and will play a great role in this nation and in the world, people who are here to help the environment. A sober mind can help choose the right politician, and also help you to become one if this is your interest~ a sober mind is also life changing and your insight will increase tenfold. For it is always with you, but not if you are intoxicate or grumpy from a hangover (which s also a psychic block). This is a huge to time to be alert, ready to take action, listening to guidance for action steps and following them without hesitation.  Try not to think of this as losing something, but think of  gaining from a fresh and alert mind.

Once, when I was still drinking (I used to drink wine often) the angels told me that it is better to be inebriated with the Blood of Christ. They were referring to receiving wine at communion and right after receiving the wine in communion that day,  I noticed I immediately felt uplifted in my heart and throughout my entire body afterward (and still do)! If needed, ask St. Raphael or Jesus ( or both) to help you obtain sobriety, especially with alcohol or drug use or anything addictive ( this can include caffeine consumption). By asking them to help, you will free your mind of addictive substances that are no longer needed on your life journey. If you need to , seek professional help such as AA or Al-anon, or spiritual counseling. Here is a meditation with St. Raphael to help ( but please also know that Jesus is also willing to help you too, you need only ask! They have helped me and millions of others, you can trust their assistance to eliminate unhealthy cravings for chemically addictive substances. St. Raphael said you need only be willing. Even a little willing is enough. He said on scale of 1-10, less than 1% willing is all that is needed.

Dear Jesus and St. Raphael- will you please assist me now in releasing chemically addictive substances that are no longer serving the highest and best good. Help me to crave healthful food and beverages. Help me to clear away any cords that are connected to these chemicals and please fill my body with your soothing high vibrational light in its place. Thank you for your assistance St. Raphael. You can feel St. Raphael’s soothing green emerald light filling your tummy and body to help release any food or addictive chemical cravings. This will help to eliminate and reduce cravings for toxic substances.

Holy Savior- thank you for helping me in releasing chemically addictive substances with St. Raphael. I welcome you in my heart, and ask for the Highest blessing in helping me achieve this, with your help, I can do anything.  In Jesus Name

Channeled with the angel’s assistance – St. Raphael, St. Michael, Jesus and the Angel Team

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