Global Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness


For this message, the stars are included, they support cosmic consciousness as well as global peace. The Angels work with the universe as well as the earth, which is not separate, and want to explain how simple it is to affect the whole simply through thought. Higher Awareness is attainable, through insight, and you need only ask. Yvette had asked us the question: “What is the difference between global and cosmic consciousness? “

Global consciousness is affected by positive thought as well as cosmic consciousness. You can help the consciousness of others (as a whole) simply by remaining focused on the highest outcome, remaining focused on peace, sharing knowledge and wisdom. Not only does this serve your highest possible outcome and helps that of your family, ensuring that manifests, but helps global peace on a vibrational outcome as well. Cosmic consciousness is affected by global consciousness as a whole. Therefore, you are also assisting cosmically when you are focused on the highest possible outcome globally. This in turn, helps the universe understand what it is that you want to attract. Remain focused on love, for love is the greatest gift and highest vibration possible. It is what the universe, and your bodies are create with. Your spirit was fashioned before the foundation of the world existed. Global peace is attainable and should be the highest value ,within your self , as inner peace first. Creating inner peace is necessary to create an outer peace. Do not think that a future event will enhance your peaceful outcome, for I tell you your inner peace is inside of you now. Focus on thinking with high values. This can be easy , such as love and peace and highest possible outcome. Those are three that are very high in vibration. This constant vibration will enhance the highest possible outcome in the physical. Let go of unwanted guilt, thoughts of separation, self pity, self sabotage, or anything hindering you from this action. Be willing to release it now and never look back. Stay focused forward. Remain in peace. Inside you will find this. Look now within your heart ,and ask the Most High to help you . Stay focused as the angels are willing to help you also increase inner peace. Doing this , will help global consciousness, affecting cosmic consciousnesses as a whole. Every positive action and positive thought will increase that around you and uplift others, which will glorify the one who sent you. In Jesus Name

(the angels and guides would like for me to include a link to a previous channeled guidance that was titled “Inner Sanctuary”) Click this sentence if you feel guided to read.

The Angels, Jesus, ORION, Archangel Metatron, 100,000 Peace Protection Angels, Archangel Zadkiel, the Orion Energies, St. Michael, the stars and the Angel Team

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