How to See God’s Favor Increase with St. Gabriel the Archangel- Prayer Included

St. Gabriel and the Holy Mother

Greetings, I am St. Gabriel, the Messenger of God. Blessings to all ! Shift your awareness to the Love of God now. This love is available to you constantly. Feel His love , for this is a gift unto you at this time. To know this Love is available to you always. God sends His favor for His children. the meek, the gentle, the honest, – all of these qualities you have inside your own heart. Know this is what God likes, love, faith, peace, gentleness and goodness. God sends His Blessings without measure and His Favor unlimited. Gentleness is happiness to others; compassion and fortitude when the situation calls for such, with others especially . Other people deserve compassion as you are seen with compassion also in Heaven. God loves you , do you know that? God loves you more than you understand for in this incarnation , you are subject to human nature, this is the ego, and it will think you unworthy of His Love, but the opposite is True. You are worthy of God’s love, you are worthy of unconditional love and this is what is being handed to you in your heart, even now as you read this message. Receive God’s love now, listen to your heart, remember you are a Holy Child of The Most High now and always. Nothing can hurt you inside in Truth. For inside your heart resides the Holy Spirit of God, in which you were blessed with when entering the world. God does not hate what he created , in fact He Loves His Creations and you were created with His favor, created with His love , created with His blessings, and thought of before the world was fashioned in His Heart. Know this Dear Sweet Child of the Beloved Heavenly Father, Know this and be understanding of His Will. For this will gain Favor from God. Believing His Promises written in the Bible and Words spoken by Jesus, His Holy Divine Son ,will gain Favor when acted upon and believed. I assure you, nothing is overlooked, no act of Love, no act of patience, no act of forgiveness, no act of gentleness, no act of kindness, no act of truth. Honesty, love, kindness~ are all worthy of your Holy Heart and Mind. Fill your mind and thoughts with goodness, and the heart will grow fonder of it still. For the heart is close to God, even in this state of being, in body, your heart is one with God and is never separate. Understand you have His Favor, you had it before you were fashioned, you had it before you entered and you will have it when you leave. For His Favor is irrevocable and His Truth shall remain in your heart throughout eternity.

Prayer to Dear Heavenly Father, Son, Holy Spirit,

Heavenly Father, you fashioned me before the foundation of the world. Than you for including me in your Holy Plan. Thank you for your Favor and for guiding my choices, and my thoughts, that I might serve you better in my life purpose. In Jesus Name Amen

St. Gabriel and the Angel Messengers of the Most High

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