Spiritual Gifts

angel beauty

To you much has been given. You do not need to look outside yourself, for everything you need has been given unto you. Your spiritual gifts are precisely what have been given to help you in your life purpose, have a career firmly rooted in your life purpose, to serve in this lifetime. You need not be concerned with want or need, for everything has its place. If you are ready for abundance, simply state ” I am ready to receive my highest good now.” This will include spiritual gifts and abilities, peace love, miracles, blessings. The choice is yours to make. All you need to do is ask. Ask now without delay. There is no need for concern , for your are blessed already. You’re already chosen by the Most High and Jesus to create a life of service, a life of fortitude, a life of peace, a life of giving, a life of receiving, a life of love- for love is the highest blessing and you have already received this blessing and spiritual gift.

This is the ultimate blessing in the world, in the universe, and in Heaven. Divine Love is what you were created from and is already inherent in your heart . Need is something outside of yourself that you can not rely on. Want is something you are chasing, and when you chase something , it runs away from you. Lift up any concerns to God, thank Him for all he has done for you and is doing for you , give thanks to the Most High for all spiritual gifts , blessings, and look inside,. There You will see your spiritual gifts, for there are many given unto you. There is an unlimited amount within your own field , within your heart. All for the asking. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand the spiritual gifts and abilities that has been given unto you, and ask the angels to guide you to use them to the highest of your abilities. 

Spiritual gifts can be the same for everyone.. You have received many , unlimited, and some are unique, depending on the purpose you have elected to have when you incarnated. All gifts are God- given and all are special. Even you , are a spiritual gift to many. You are blessed dear one, and you hold the love in your heart from God Himself. For this is the Greatest Gift of all, His Holy Spirit , His Son’s Light, which resides in your heart now and always. In Jesus Name 

Namaste, Angel Blessings and May God Bless You 

The Angel Team

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