God IS listening – He Does Hear You


Your prayers are being heard and answered. God does not delay or hesitate. Here is a channeled message with the Angels, Archangels and Church Triumphant:

Greetings! You are surrounded by many angels at this time dear ones. Notice any feeling of uplifting for that is when you know the angels are near ! We are Church Triumphant and Angels and Archangels who have come to bring you this message of faith and love from the Highest. God is listening, always . He hears your inner most dreams and heart; when it is happy and when it is sad. He knows how to lift you and He knows how to bless you. He knows How to lift your family members and you need not worry, for they are alright. They are blessed and protected and we surround them now too. For they are loved unconditionally as you are. We are here to help you understand that God, the Highest , is with you at all times. You are never alone. You do not do things without the love of God, for God helps you when it is needed, wanted and He helps you even when you are not understanding of how much He loves you. He will always unconditionally love you and knows you are praying for His assistance. He will understand how you are feeling even when you do not ask for it. He created you , all of you and can understand the furthest depth of human emotion and highest consciousness for He created all of it. Do not be afraid to go to Him, for he has loved you before He created the world. Do not think that He does not hear you beloved. He does. Do not think He waits to answer prayer, He does not delay or procrastinate. God chooses whom He favors and I assure you, He loves you and your family. Do not be upset when you do not see an answer (in the physical), for it has not yet come to pass and he has answered with the highest possible outcome and loves to bless His children. Jesus has said how much God loves and blesses everyone and Jesus’ insight came from God and stands throughout time, in Heaven and in the Universe. Know He loves you and will always help you. Ask with a sincere heart beloved, for anything you ask, that is within God’s will, He will grant you. Listen for angel guidance now, in your heart for something you have been asking for. We angels cut the cords to false beliefs and hold you in our arms this day. Cleanse your thoughts of anything that would feel as if you were separate, know that He loves you now and always. Uplift now by asking the angels to deliver any message to God, or you can pray and we will deliver the prayer. Be blessed and know God is right with you, always. And the Love of His Son, Jesus , is in your heart. Focus on this light , this Truth, this blessing and know your prayer, intentions, blessings, are answered with unmeasurable Divine Wisdom that no human can fathom. Remain in faith and in love and know you are blessed dear one.  God loves you now and always.

Listen for any guidance you receive now, any thoughts, visions, feelings, inner peace, feeling of guidance for action steps or inner knowing. Sometimes this is what is necessary for your answered prayers to come to pass. Listen now , for they will be heartfelt. If you see visions regularly, pay attention to them, if you hear audibly, listen for angel messages. Listen and write down any guidance you receive. Act without hesitation when you receive guidance and more will be given , act as if it is so, trust the angels, take action as needed, and trust in The Lord, who has heard you and is listening with a compassionate heart for all. There is no thought discreet , no prayer not heard, and all are answered without delay.  In Jesus Name

The Angels, Archangels and Church Triumphant

Namaste, Angel Blessings, And May God bless your day !

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