World Peace Prayer and Meditation with the Angels

mother mary and rainbow

Through insight – the angels revealed that Mother Mary is  asking for her rosary to be prayed with the intention of world peace. All world peace prayer/meditations and novenas are welcomed and will also help increase peace. “All prayers will be answered and there is no reason for concern” the angels said, –  however our Heavenly Mother, Queen of the Angels, is particularly asking for her rosary to be prayed with an intention on world peace. This particular post is a re-post, but is angel guided and is meant to assist in the intention. Namaste , Angel Blessings, and May God bless your day !

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will called children of God. MATTHEW 5:9

We are all peacemakers as God’s children. We are called to be peaceful with ourselves and with others. Jesus helped us see that all that are peaceful are children of God and this is what God likes. Peace. 

To envision a world of peace, be peaceful unto others, then peace is celebrated in Heaven and on Earth. and isn’t that what everyone came here for; is to be peace for everyone as a Holy Instruments of the Most High? Forgive others as you would forgive yourself. Even those who are not in their highest self would be grateful for the kindness. Show your loved ones extra peace, show them unconditional love , for they have elected to be here with you as soul mates (and earth angels!) and are sent here from Heaven as God-sends to you, and you to them. The world is peaceful, its the illusion of fear that is projected upon the world that makes it seem fear based , when in fact, the Earth is Holy, and is made from God’s hands , fashioned with His Knowledge and His Holy Spirit. For those that do not hear the message of peace, or forget, do not let your hearts be troubled, for this is a reason to pray. Pray for those who err , “Father Forgive them their trespasses” is how to pray for those who do not see peace, or have a peaceful resolve, for even they are Children of the Heavenly Father but have forgotten or have not spiritually awakened like yourself. Jesus was always patient, even in times of violence, even towards those who mistreated him, for he knew the Heavenly Father would Forgive them and show them Mercy if he asked . For they were also not knowing and have also come before the Throne. Each person is equally loved by the Heavenly Father and by Jesus his Son , who is glorified . Each person, no matter the upbringing, no matter the circumstance, no matter the age or the time you spent on earth, if you have had many lifetimes or if you have had only one, God knows all things and has helped you through every time period, and so has His Son Jesus, who is Lord of everyone. “Peace be with you ” was spoken by the Heavenly Son and this was meant for everyone. Jesus’ message was of peace and this is why he called us to be peacemakers, as he knew the Heavenly Father loves peace. 

An Angel Guided Prayer and Meditation to increase peace within ourselves:

Dear Heavenly Father, Dear Lord of all, and Holy Spirit, thank you for including me in your plan of peace, help me to increase my own inner peace, to be a peacemaker and an instrument of thy Holy Peace for myself, my family, my home and for all others you send to me. In Jesus Name

Breathe deeply and feel peace. Ask the angels to surround you , your home, your loved ones, and the world to increase Heavenly Peace on Earth. Just breathe and you can help by envisioning world peace and what you envision that to be. A Peaceful Earth for all, even animals and all people, all countries,  the universe supports you and so does Heaven, as this is the prayer for many. Just focus on world peace and continue to breathe and when you are ready, thank the angels who have surrounded you, your family, your home, your loved ones, your friends, the world in this peaceful meditation to increase peace on earth. Go in peace and know that your intention has brought a higher vibration of peace to this world. We thank you and you are supported and so is your family and so are your loved one, for we would never leave you. The Angels of Peaceful Protection.

The Angel Team

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