This is a Time for Action – with St. Gabriel the Messenger Archangel

St. Gabriel 2

Greetings ! I am here and I love you. This is an inspirational message from the angel realm. I am St. Gabriel – do not use fear as your choice for decision making. Learn to understand what it is your are seeking , and the reason you are seeking it. For if you do understand this, then you can understand when you are seeking a choice form love. There is nothing hidden.  Shift your focus to love always. Make your decisions and choices come from love and not fear.  For what is fear based energy? Not love ! And why would you want to make decisions in fear ? Dear ones, stop, and look inside your heart. For there is golden light from Christ in your heart. Stop and take a moment to breathe deeply , understand that this is the time for action in love. Not fear! Allow St. Michael to cleanse you from any unwanted negativity or fear  or worry – for this causes pain. Allow him now to cut the cords of discord – if any- and he will replace it with the pure loving Light of God . St. Raphael will pull out the roots and heal this area. This will help you focus. Let love remain and only love dear ones. Help yourself financially by this as well. Focus on service, focus on love, focus on how to use your spiritual gifts that were given to you. This will help will everlasting fulfillment because you are using what was God given to serve others, and this bring joy to everyone involved . You are blessed. and this is St. Gabriel, who loves you.

St. Gabriel with the Angel Realm

Namaste , Angel Blessings and May God Bless your day !

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