Angel Healing Exercise


The Angels want to help you in a healing exercise guided with St. Raphael and the healing angels. This is not saying that all need healing, for healing comes in many forms. Some are emotional wounds, mental thoughts of err. wounds from emotional relationships, saying goodbye to a loved one, and the list goes on. A healing exercise is a high vibrational healing with the angels. All you need to do is ask. An Angel Practitioner (or Intuitive) can guide you through one or you can simply ask on your own. As show below:

To do this, simply sit back, in a relaxed and comfortable position, if you can close your eyes, (but if not that’s ok), and take a nice deep relaxing breath. Ask for St. Raphael and the healing angels to be with you. Ask them to surround you now. Ask for the Angels who love you the most and also ask for St. Michael the Archangel who will work in tandem with the healing Archangel, St. Raphael. St. Michael will help you with eliminating what you no longer wish to carry. whatever feels like a burden energetically, whether it be stress, fatigue, emotions , worry, just give that to him now. Resentment is also good to give him or bitterness. For you are a holy child of God and you no longer have to carry these emotions that weigh your down. Peace is the outcome when you surrender these feeling to St. Michael for he will use his sacred vacuum to gently remove any old emotions including fear or lack of truth, false beliefs, or anything negative, for it no longer serves you to carry it. Allow St. Michael to help you with his vacuum and replace it with the pure Loving Light of God in its place. It is helpful to remind yourself that this light is a brilliant diamond light of pure white. St. Raphael and the healing angels will come in to heal any emotional wounds, emotions that are of unease, hearts that have been broken, or those that are sensitive to their environment, for the healing angels are unlimited in what you ask. For those seeking health of body , simply state your intention here “Dear St. Raphael , I would now like to ask for health of body  within (_________)” . Understand this is a process and the angels are unlimited , listen for insight as to see a physician, get a second medical opinion, seek counseling, and so forth.  St. Raphael will help you with is soothing green emerald light. In the case of healing relationships, or if you are angry at another, St. Raphael will encourage asking you to forgive the other. Forgiveness does not mean that the other one is right, it simply means “I no longer wish to carry the emotion of bitterness or resentment towards (________) I am willing to forgive this person. ” This will help in healing emotional wounds, and help the heart to heal. Forgiveness is an encouragement and is very helpful in healing and helping you to move forward and attract more positive experiences into your life. St. Raphael can also help you if you are healing grief. Grief is normal – for it is hard saying goodbye. However, prolonged grief can wear on you physically and emotionally and mentally. Sometimes causing depression or fatigue. Lift up any loneliness or long standing grief to St. Raphael  who sees you with compassion and love. The angels will hold you in their arms for as long as you need. Do this now dear beloved, and ask St. Raphael to help you heal any longstanding grief. Your loved ones are safe in Heaven and are at peace and want you to feel the peace inside your heart. Trust in St. Michael and St. Raphael and the angels. St. Raphael will fill your aura or light body with his healing bright green healing light . Let this light absorb throughout every cell. Feel this soothing light now as St. Raphael will help you heal whatever circumstance you lifted up. “With God all things are possible” He says and not to lose hope or hang your head in despair. Loneliness can have adverse affect on the mind, body and emotions, so be willing to lift up loneliness also. It is ok. The angels can help guide you to situations of peace, get in touch with soul mates , guide to loving friendships- friendships are like gifts, help heal family arguments and so forth. Love is the answer for yourself and others dear one, Love is always the answer. Thank the Angels and Archangels for coming. Thank  the Most High for any healing- for all is done within God’s Holy Presence. Remind yourself that you are love and there is nothing to feel guilty about , you are a Holy Child of God and God loves you and so do we. All you need to do is ask.

The Angel Team with St. Michael, St. Raphael and the Healing Angels

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