God’s Goodness

Jesus in Heaven

Prayer increases faith, health, opportunities, and brings a multitude of blessings for those you pray for. Love can heal a nation and your prayer is an expression of your heart  to God and Jesus. Your prayers are answered the second they are heard God speed , for God does not delay in answering or procrastinate. God’s goodness overflows into every heart. He knows the reason you are praying before you come before him. He meets you halfway if needed. God understands his people , his angels, his disciples, his prophets-everything he created because He created everything with His Power, Understanding, Divine Knowledge and Grandeur. God is sovereign and God’s Love is higher than you can possibly imagine it to be. Gods mercy is omnipotent, and you can go to Him for anything you can imagine. He will understand you when you come before Him. He has unconditional love and mercy for His people. Pray with complete faith for what you need. Pray with sincerity and give thanks to Him for all of His Goodness. Always.

“Dear Heavenly Father, Son , Holy Spirit, thank you for perfect health of body. Thank you for all of my blessings, directing my steps and the opportunities you have in store for me. Thank you for everything you give to me, for all of my days, my family and your Holy love. In Jesus Name. Amen”

Guided by the Angel Team

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