Open Doors of Opportunity

Archangel Chamuel

With Archangel Metatron and channeled by Archangel Chamuel

Greetings I am Archangel Chamuel . I am here in peace with The Angel Team, Archangel St. Michael and a host of Heavenly Angels. I am here to guide you to seek the doors of opportunity that are open  for you at this time and always. Peace is the door you could choose to walk through. There are many doors of opportunity and blessed is the One who sends them, for that is the Most High God the Father who loves you. We angels and Archangels know you humans love to seek open doors of opportunity . Yay we say as you seek those doors that will be opening and are open now. This is a wonderful time to seek openings of opportunity as it is always within your reach. Seek the doors that will open easily my friends. These will remain open for you as they are God Given opportunity and are for you to step through indeed! We are here to counsel you in the walking as you say. Please listen to this very high vibration as it is given. This is important for you beloved. For if you choose the doors that are easiest to you, things will flow smoothly as you walk through and more will open indeed! Walk through what feels peaceful to you. Does the situation remind you of peace? Does the door or window resemble a peace filled doorway or window?

We angels , say to you with love, seek the ones that are most peace filled and your imagination will open to creativity which will open more doors.This is God’s will for you that you be in Heaven’s guidance to help you walk through these doors. The angels of love and peace will help you seek the doors that are peace filled by opening your heart. Listen to these words I am speaking to you. Listen with your heart opened because as you seek these doors of peace, they will open to new blessings and more will follow. This will create a bountiful harvest of abundance. Be ye vigilant in taking action steps now toward peace. What is your heart’s desire? What is your heart’s dreams? God has placed the dreams in your heart where they will remain for you to accomplish. Be ye knowing that soon, you will be tempted by the ego to say “I don’t deserve peace” Or “I am not deserving of love” Know that you are deserving- you are blessed and loving in your heart and wouldn’t you be more of a blessing to others if you were blessed so much that it overspills? Yes, we angels say, yes you would be. You are a blessing now, and peace is how you learn the best! Lift up your hearts now and allow us angels to show you the way. Action steps will follow if you listen to your guidance, which will feel peaceful in your heart. This will feel unbelievably peaceful and you will know which ones to step though. Ask God now to guide you. Ask God now to show you the way to your doors of opportunity. Even if it is a window there will be one to step through! Peace will follow for this is God’s will. That His beloved children be peace filled and with the Holy Spirit , you are that ! You are special to God , and special to us, his angels. We love you and we are here for you always. Just ask us and we will help you in all ways. This is Archangel Chamuel, who loves you and wishes you peace. I will help you seek the doors you are asking about. Peaceful Blessings to you always dear one, for you are blessed and so is your family. 

“Dear Heavenly Father, Son , Holy Spirit, thank you for my blessings you have given to me already. Thank you for helping me see the doors and windows of opportunity that are waiting for me, that are currently open and the ones that will open as I walk through them. Help me to know you are opening these doors for me and for my family. Help me to shine brightly so that I can glorify your Holy Presence. May the Peace and love of Christ be with me and everyone I meet.  In Jesus Name” 

Archangel Chamuel with the Angel Team

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