You Are Created From Love


With the guardian angel realm and Archangels-

Greetings- this is the “Angeles” . We are a multitude of Heavenly Host angels that are here with St. Gabriel and St. Michael and we love you.  We “Angeles” are here to uplift your hearts. Dear ones , do not allow the world to dictate to you what is truth. The Truth of your inner being is Truth. The Holy Spirit is here in your inner being and knows you better than the you know yourself. Trust in the Holy Spirit to guide you through life’s trials, and shifts. “Uplift your hearts now”, says the Lord. Uplift your heart to the Most High and give Him your heart. Open your heart to receive love and love will pour in. God does not hold back love, not ever. His love is constant and is never withheld from His children-which you are one. Know that God loves each and every person, animal, and place he has ever created. You are not separate from His love, so if you ever need to uplift, simply ask the angels to surround you and help you uplift. Ask the angels to help you see from a higher perspective. From Understanding, from love.

Wait till you see what love creates ! Make an effort dear ones, to always choose , respond and speak from love. From Wisdom, not from fear. Fear is from the ego and it is in err to think from fear. Follow the peace in your heart. Know that peace is what God loves, know that love is what you were created from, and is with you always. Offer any concerns now to God Himself. Lift up any doubt or worry, and know your prayers were answered in faith, and let them go! Give them God for good! Uplift your heart by focusing on God, His Heaven, His angels, His Divine Son, The Holy Mother, the Holy Spirit. Know that when you shift your focus to Heaven, the world’s seeming problems seem to dissipate and your heart knows that God is the Father of all people.

Focus now, as we angels ask you to sit back in a relaxed and comfortable position and take a nice deep relaxing breath. Focus on the angels and ask for the angels to surround you, in love. Ask St. Michael to help you  uplift your emotions, mental thought, or feelings now. Ask him to remove any doubt,  negativity, guilt, resentment, bitterness, fear or worry and he will take it to Heaven to be purified in Heaven’s Light. This negativity will be removed, and replaced with a loving pure light of God. This is done easily for St. Michael and he doesn’t; mind. Just ask and be willing as he respects the law of Free Will. St. Michael is with you now, vacuuming away fear and negativity, and he will know what you are asking. This will then be replaced with the pure loving light of God. Do this as often as needed dear one. We, the “angeles” hear your thoughts and can help you anytime you ask. We love you and want you to feel peaceful and uplifted. Give thanks to St. Michael- who is helping you, give thanks to God Himself, for this is being done with his permission and in His loving presence. Ask for guidance if needed and listen for any feelings or knowingness or  ideas, visions, thoughts that immediately follow. If they feel peaceful,, they are from St. Michael who will guide you through. At this time, we say goodbye for now, but we are always here if you call also. Uplift and you encourage others to feels the same. your high vibration helps to uplift others around you. Shift your awareness to God always when troubled. We love you and so it is.

The “Angeles” with St. Michael

“Trust in the Most High , who loves you. Know that God is always willing to help you , even in times of transitions, or in happiness. Lift up your hearts and know you are a beloved  child of God. Know that the Heavenly Father, who loves you will always be there for you. Just ask Him for whatever you need in sincerity and in faith. Lift up all concerns to Him now. Lift up thanksgiving for all you have, for He has blessed you with everything you have. Know you are a beautiful child of the Heavenly Father, as heirs through Jesus his Son- “

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