Ask Jesus To Be with You in Your Heart

Jesus 2

Focus on the love inside your heart. There you will find the love that God placed inside you. He will meet you here if you ask Him. Focus now by sitting in a comfortable and relaxed position- take a nice deep relaxing breath. Here, invite Jesus into your heart. Ask him to remain with you, ask him to spend time with you now as you place your awareness in your heart center and envision him meeting you here. Invite him to walk with you. As you walk together,  you will notice His peace emanating and filling your heart. You notice that Jesus does not mind spending time with you and is very kind. Strong, wise, and kind and very peaceful. “Nothing could be more peaceful …” you notice. As you continue walking you notice spending time with the Lord was long overdue! Spend as much time here with the Lord, talking to him. Explaining to him how you feel. He listens to every word and is very understanding. Allow you heart to be open now, filling with light. A peace filled light that emanates from Jesus into your heart. Just allow His peace to fill your heart. Imagine this light is overflowing into every cell, with peace. The Lord doesn’t want your heart to be troubled any longer. Ask Him to be with you here in your heart center anytime you like. He will always will be there. Thank him for His peace.

The Angel Team 

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